Private customers

Telephone banking: BBVA Voice Portal

Discover the new BBVA Voice Portal, the new way of making your enquiries and carrying out your operations through the Contact BBVA helpline, in an agile and simple manner with a phone call.

Using BBVA's telephone banking service is very simple, simply identify yourself and say what operation you want to carry out.


  • Fast: the more information you provide, the quicker your procedure will be.
  • Simple: as easy as identifying yourself and telling us what you would like to do.
  • And moreover, you have at your disposal a wide range of inquiries and operations in a single call.

How can you access the service?

  • Calling Contact BBVA on 902 22 44 66 or 91 224 94 26 where, if you wish, you can speak with an adviser.
  • Calling the free phone number of the BBVA Automated Helpline 900 81 61 61.

If you are already a user of telephone banking

  • Identify yourself with your ID number (DNI).
  • State what operation or inquiry you want to carry out.
  • We will ask you for two random positions from your access password in order to process it. In some cases, it will also be necessary for you to provide us your transaction password.

If you are not a user of telephone banking:

  • You can register for the service on your first call. Remember to have your BBVA card at hand.

Available operations

Through the new BBVA Voice Portal you can:

  • Check the balance of your accounts, credit cards, deposits, pension plans or investment funds. 
  • Check the recent activity of your accounts and cards, with the possibility to send a copy to your e-mail. 
  • Perform transfers. 
  • Send money to the ATM to withdraw it without a card.
  • Top up your cell phone.
  • Check and reclaim bill charges.
  • Activate a card or change the payment method.
  • Check your portfolio and stock prices.
  • Check information about BBVA branches.
  • Manage your passwords.

How does it work?

You just have to call the telephone numbers we provide you, identify yourself and say what you want do.

To make it even easier, you will be able to use the quick operations that you have set up in your private area of, as well as the aliases that you have assigned to your products. An alias is a name with which you have identified your products in your private area of

Additionally you can use your address book to, for example, make a transfer to one of them.

These are some examples:

  • "I want to check my account balance Salary"
  • "I want to make a transfer of 150 Euros from my account Save"
  • "I want to add 20 Euros in my cell phone (operator)"
  • "I want to check the quotation price of BBVA"
  • "I would like to know the telephone number of the branch 4321"