Savings and Investment

Investing is a real option

It's time to learn how to make the most of your money. With the help of a few simple tools, you can start to plan your investments from just €30 without having to be a finance expert.

Diversifying is the secret to good investing.

By distributing capital between different products, the possibles losses of one financial product can be compensated with the gains of others.

What would you say is your risk profile?

The most important thing is to avoid losses, even if the expected returns are low.

Example of a diversified investment for a conservative profile

This is how you could distribute the funds you decide to invest


From 0% to 30%

Fixed income

From 30% to 60%

Liquid assets

From 10% to 40%

The fact that we are presenting this information does not imply that BBVA is providing you an investment advisory service, since we have not taken your personal circumstances into account. We encourage you to discover the full range of savings and investment products so that you can choose the combination that best suits your needs, with specialist advice available if you consider it necessary.

Would you like to receive advice on planning your investment?

If you are looking for personalized advice, with BBVA Invest we can offer you a selection of financial products according to your preferences, investment objectives and personal circumstances.

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If you would prefer to start investing on your own, we'll show you the most useful steps and tools for the type of financial product you are interested in:

StepChoose your BBVA fund

Find the BBVA investment funds that best adapt to your needs.

Search funds

StepCompare funds

Compare several fund options to help you to make the best investment decision.

Compare funds

StepAccess more funds

Choose among funds from the main international managers and those outlined by the Quality Funds team.

Access funds

Discover our savings and investment products:

Pension plans

Plan your future benefiting from tax relief.

Mutual funds

Choose funds from BBVA and major international management companies.


Get stable and secure returns on your savings.

Savings insurance

Add the benefits of life insurance to your savings plan.

And our options for advanced investors

BBVA Multi3strategia Portfolios

BBVA's discretionary management service based on your risk profile as an investor.

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Invest in the stock market and markets

Get access to the world's major stock markets with the most advanced information, services and tools for investing.

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