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Name / ISIN
ISIN: unique ID code for each fund established by the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission)
Macro Category to which it belongs
Category to which it belongs
Minimum initial amount required to invest in the fund
Accumulated returns for the current year
1 year
Returns in the last twelve months
3 years
Annualized return 3 years
5 years
Annualized return 5 years
Net asset value: daily value resulting from dividing the aggregate value of the assets of the fund between the total number of shares
Risk level of 1 (lowest) to 7 (highest)
A measure that indicates whether the net asset values of the fund have experienced significant variations or whether they have grown steadily. The higher it is, the greater the risk borne. And vice versa; the closer it is to zero, the more stable the fund is.
Sharpe Ratio
An indicator that shows to what extent the return of the fund outweighs the risk (variability of the net asset value) borne in it. A Sharpe ratio of 1 or greater than one indicates that the fund contributes a return equal to or greater than the risk of the product. And vice versa; if it is less than 1 the fund will have a higher degree of variability than the return obtained
Fixed Management Fee
Management V.
Variable fee on accountable positive result
Subscription fee
Deposit fee
Redemption fee
Country of Residence
Country of residence
Geographic Area of Investment
Assets under management
Investment Fund Assets It is the sum of the assets invested by each of the shareholders
Currency the fund is denominated in
Can be contracted online

BBVA investment funds search engine

The BBVA investment funds search engine provides you with a wide catalogue of BBVA funds, so that you can find the product that best suits your saving needs. The search engine allows you to filter and organize the different funds according to their category, type, currency and other criteria.

Using the search tool, you can check where each fund invests the money: equities, fixed or mixed income. It also gives you access to the returns from each fund in previous years. Find the best option for earning returns on your savings in a simple way.

Select up to four funds to compare and add them to our BBVA Investment Funds Comparison Tool, where you can compare the main features, evolution, statistics, historical data, etc;