Finance your projects

You help to choose between loans, credits and different ways of leasing or renting.

For what do you need the money?
  • Taxes, salaries, suppliers or social insurance products
  • Advance of charges
  • Vehicles, Machinery or technology
  • Local, sheds and offices
  • Liquidity for daily life
  • Other

Short-term financing

Click&Pay credit limit: paying taxes, salaries and providers

Finances the payments more usual of your business with a click. Be able to request the provisions that need until 25,000€.

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Credit Account Online

Contractible 100% online. Indicated for finance the activities usual of your business and without have to justify the destination of the provisions.

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Reverse Factoring

Saw to the payment of your invoices, anticipating the charge to your suppliers of up to 100% of your outstanding bills.


Anticipate the turnover of your company, turning your credit sales in sales in cash. Covers 100% of the insolvency risk of the debtors.

Trade discount

Anticipate your charges in a simple way. You give an advance for a commercial credit not vencido.Anticipa your charges in a simple way. We will give you an advance on an unexpired commercial credit.

Agro Credit Account

Obtain the liquidity that need for your business agrarian and achieves a bonus in the interest rate for have or contract BBVA products.

CAP Advance Agropréstamo loan

Pays by direct debit the CAP in BBVA and be able to request this agropréstamo, with which be able to obtain up to 100% of the amount of the support.

Long-term financing

BBVA Online Negocios Loan for SMEs

Requests this loan online for finance the investments of your business. Simple and instant application process requiring no additional documentation.

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Loan Business BBVA

Be able to request from 3,000€ until what need the investments of your business. The payment of the fee can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly. Just contractible in office.


If need equipment, vehicles, pieces of furniture, a venue…Chooses the formula of financing that better adapts to your needs: property leasing or equipment leasing.

Negocios Mortgage

You help to finance local, offices, sheds or anyone that is the location where leaves to carry out the economic activity of your business.

Technological Renting

Be able to substitute, expand or modify the teams of your company in a simple and agile way. Chooses the modality of equipment that more adapts to your needs.

Car renting - BBVA Autorenting

You offer the vehicle that need to a fee competitive without need of acquire it as owner.

Loans with a SAECA endorsement

Financing protected by the aids of the Ministry of Agriculture for facilitate the access to the financing of farmers and ranchers.


The financing, medium and long term, that need for investments in agrarian or livestock-farmingassets. Moreover be able to follow enjoying other grants.


Renews the machinery of your exploitation with the flexible financing of BBVA, adapting it to the needs specific to your activity farming.