For your franchise, BBVA offers you a network of experts to help you with your

needs, a quick response to any financing needs you may have

and the following solutions and tools:

  • Insurance

  • Financing

POS terminals to help you operate your franchise

Optimize and improve your business' resources with the latest sales technologies provided by BBVA.

  • Offer your customers a better service.
  • You will be able to accept payments by card from anywhere.

Find out about all the collection and payment solutions.

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Your franchise, step by step

What is a franchise?

A way to establish your own business.

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Advantages and disadvantages for the franchisee

Understand the differences compared to a traditional business.

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Criteria for choosing the best franchise

What aspects are necessary to consider when choosing a franchise.

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Why companies decide to franchise a business

Key factors for deciding if it is worth franchising a business.

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Characteristics and advantages of the franchisers

We tell you the main aspects of the role of the franchiser.

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How to create a franchise

We explain how to carry out a franchise project.

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