We help by offering you services designed for your
agricultural business.

Set up automatic bill payments and request an advance
when you need it.

Have your CAP paid into your account

What does your project need?


SAECA loans

Special conditions for financing investments. Possibility to access grants offered by the Ministry of Agriculture.


Have your CAP paid into your account

Have your CAP paid directly into your BBVA account and you'll be able to request an advance whenever you need it to deal with any unforeseen events in your agricultural business.

Online banking for the agricultural sector - BBVA

Your bank on your cell phone

As you cannot afford to waste time, you can manage your accounts via the BBVA app. And, if you are a company, you can use the BBVA Net cash app.

Agro Insurance - BBVA

Agricultural Insurance

Avoid or reduce losses when damages occur in your harvest, trees, livestock or facilities due to fire, climatic conditions or other natural hazards.

And also if you are self-employed


An account with no fees

An account with no maintenance or administration fees.


BBVA Negocios Card

No annual fee for the first year.


Free online transfers

Between any bank, and unlimited within Spain and the European Union.

Discover other digital services designed just for you

Agricultural Vehicle Insurance

Protect your tractors, combine harvesters, cultivators, semi-trailers and trailers for own use.

Agricultural Vehicle Insurance

With the Agricultural Machinery Operating Insurance, you'll have:

  • Flat rate, with no effect from the no claims bonus.
  • Extensive coverage.

Agro Comprehensive Insurance

We offer you a comprehensive insurance plan for your facilities and their contents.

Agro Comprehensive Insurance

An insurance plan specifically for agricultural and/or livestock businesses:

  • A wide range of coverages, allowing you to choose those best suited your business.

  • Flexible payment method: yearly, semiannually or quarterly.

Linked Agro Credit Account

Obtain the liquidity you need for your agricultural business.

Linked Agro Credit Account

Get a reduction in the interest rate for having or contracting BBVA products.

  • 1 year term.

  • Quarterly interest payment.

Agrocoop Business Card

A credit card intended for farmers and members of agricultural and livestock cooperatives.

Agrocoop Business Card

Customizable with your cooperative's logo.

  • Extensive coverage from the associated insurance plans.

  • From €600 to €6,000 credit.

  • No annual fee for the first year.