How to save money

with BBVA Bconomy

More doors would open for Monica if she could speak English and Luis, her father, knew it. So he set a savings goal, took action and achieved it, thanks to BBVA Bconomy.

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Luis wanted Monica to study in England one summer. He
began to save by using BBVA Bconomy...And he finally achieved it.



He was able to discover his capacity to make savings and by comparing his spending with other people like him, he found he could save a little more.

BBVA Bconomy
BBVA Bconomy
BBVA Bconomy
BBVA Bconomy
How to save money with BBVA Bconomy
BBVA Bconomy



He set a target: €3,000 by next summer. And programmed a standing order.


And every month

A new notification showed him his progress: the goal was getting closer.

BBVA Bconomy
BBVA Bconomy
BBVA Bconomy


He achieved it.

Because the more you know, the better your decisions.


So, what is your goal? Go for it, with BBVA Bconomy

Discover how to save at home

Discover how other people have developed
their ability to save in order to finish what they set out to do
thanks to BBVA Bconomy


35 years old. Ex-attorney.

She opened her own business and made her dreams come true, thanks to the financial cushion she gained with BBVA Bconomy.


26 years old. Graphic designer.

With BBVA Bconomy he was able to compare how much he paid for his electricity with what other people like him paid, and this allowed him to find a better option.


41 years old. Nurse.

Loam could organize a holiday surprise to your husband because, with BBVA Bconomy, knew the expenses and income that have the next month .