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Pay with your cell phone

Are you carrying your cell phone? Then you're also carrying cash!

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What is Paying with your cell phone?

It means not having to worry about carrying cash, a wallet or cards.

With BBVA Wallet you can pay for your purchases with your cell phone; carrying cash is now history. It's very easy to use: once you have downloaded the BBVA Wallet app free of charge, simply hold your cell phone close to the Contactless payment terminal and confirm your PIN. 

Payment is made instantly, conveniently and securely, and you will immediately receive a notification with the payment details. You still haven't tried it? Try it now and completely change the way you shop!

Also use your cell phone to make quick, simple, and secure purchases in stores or through websites and apps with Android Pay.

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Join the revolution of small things
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Download BBVA Wallet

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Associated features

  • Mobile Cash

    Mobile Cash

    Withdraw cash without using your card.

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  • BBVA Cashup

    BBVA Cashup

    Send money with bizum while you are chatting with your friends

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  • Turn your cards on and off

    Turn your cards off and on

    From your cell phone, instantly.

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