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Your BBVA Contigo Manager is always available on your cell phone.

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What is Identified Call?

It is having an expert available just when you need one.

You never know when a small doubt or an important financial need may arise. For this reason, Identified Call gives you a secure, fast and personal response at any time.

Click the icon of the app and your BBVA Contigo Adviser or his/her team will know who you are and will help you in whatever you need: making financial decisions, carrying out administrative formalities or asking for advice for carrying out an operation … it is that convenient and that easy. 

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Support always available on your phone with BBVA
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  • Remote signing

    Remote signing

    Sign your contracts from your cell phone.

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  • Remote signing

    My Goals

    Set your savings goals and your deadlines.

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  • Remote signing

    Mobile Cash

    Withdraw cash without using your card.

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