What is Google PayTM?

Google Pay is the fast and simple way to pay with Google. With Google Pay, you have everything you need to carry out your payments in stores, on websites and in apps, and your payment information always remains secure in your Google account.

Google Pay is a simple and secure payment method, with NFC technology that lets you use your cell phone to make payments in stores with Contactless payment terminals, on websites and in apps.

Simply add a BBVA card in the Google Pay app and you will be able to use this card to make payments without having to take it out of your wallet. Instead, just hold your cell phone up to the payment terminal with its screen turned on. You can also make payments at online shops and in apps, without having to enter your card information for each purchase.

Download Google Pay directly from here.

A secure and convenient way to use your BBVA cards to make purchases in shops or through websites and apps.

The list of BBVA cards that cannot be added to Google Pay can be found in the Terms and Conditions of BBVA-GOOGLE PAY.

Google PayTM it is a trademark of Google Inc.

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Without taking out your card
Make payments in shops or through websites and apps
Cards with Google Pay
VISA: Antes, Blue Mensual, Ahora, Ahora Blue, Después, Después Blue, Después Oro, A Tu Ritmo, A tu Ritmo Blue: (except for the following cards: CX, Unimm, and débito & crédito Oro Uno-E, Tarjeta Fácil). Pack Duo BBVA, Ahora Blue, Virtual Wallet Card, Antes Blue, Diez Blue, Liga BBVA, Diez Fácil, Pago A Tu Ritmo complementaria, Pago Fijo Eulen, Infinite, Ahora Blue.
MASTERCARD: Ahora, Pack Duo Restaurante Empresa, Restaurante Lunes-Viernes, Transporte Card, A Tu Ritmo, 3 meses sin.

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Make purchases easily and securely
in stores and through websites or apps

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