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What is Google Pay?

With Google Pay you can use your BBVA Card to pay quickly and easily in stores with contactless POS terminals, websites, and apps. Add your BBVA card to Google Pay from the BBVA app.

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Your purchases with Google Pay

Starting to use Google Pay to make purchases is very easy. Simply add your BBVA card or cards to Google Pay. What's more, you can do this directly in the BBVA app without needing to install another app. Simply decide which card you want to use to pay, select it in the Global Position of the app, and press the "Set up Google Pay" button.

Add your BBVA card to Google Pay today and start to enjoy all the benefits.

  • Pay using your cell phone in physical stores without needing to carry anything else. To pay, turn on your cell phone screen and hold it next to the POS terminal wherever you see one of these symbols:


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  • Pay on websites and in apps without having to enter your card number for each purchase. Simply look for the Google Pay logo and press the button to select this payment system. 

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  • Secure purchases. When you make purchases using Google Pay, your real card information is never shared with the store. Instead, a unique encrypted number is sent for each transaction.

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To see how Google Pay keeps your data secure, watch this video.

Find out which cards can be added to Google Pay in the BBVA app or BBVA Wallet The BBVA cards that cannot be added to Google Pay is listed in the BBVA-GOOGLE PAY Terms and Conditions.

Google Pay is a registered trademark of Google LCC. BBVA cardholders must have a compatible Android device to pay with the BBVA app.

Discover the benefits

Pay using your cell phone in stores without needing to take out your card.
Make purchases on websites and apps without having to enter your details every time.
Your payments are secure. Your card information is not shared with the store.

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