Richard Gerver

Expert in innovation educational

"Have to teach to the children to find what them fascinates and help them".

The PhD in education and writer mark the path for transform the education stimulating to the students.

Am worried about a lot of the state of the education, not only in Spain, but all around the world. Provided that is a debate about the education is polarized, have an argument here and another here, what is traditional against it progressive, politicians against teachers, parents against teachers, schools, politicians and against everybody, truth?, and the only ones that suffer are the children, because the leave back. Believe that in the debate have to stop shout, because come whence come, as for the education, all have a thing in common, and is that fretted for the children. What is important is that all wish fervently the best thing for the children. The change in the education emerges with full-grown conversations and mature. Believe that today have an opportunity wonderful, perhaps can generate an impulse that changes the future of our children and maybe not only for our children now, but for the children of our children. Is responsibility of all educate to raise to the children, not so that limit to survive, but so that thrive.

The children are bombed-out constantly with celebrities, see famous football players that win a lot of money, see celebrities in the television and seems that have a life wonderful. Have to help them to understand what is hard that works that football player for arrive to that position, whether Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar. Those players not limited to kick a ball in the garden, and a day someone them gave the t-shirt of the Real Madrid or of Barcelona or of Paris Saint-Germain and them said that them went to pay half a million euros a week. Those boys have to prove a discipline and a commitment unbelievable and have to work very hard, time after time, for days on end, for months on end, have to risk, have to be ready for fail, have to learn and work very hard. Of what have to give account the little children is the discipline that needs for have success, already are football player, attorney, artist or dancer, all those things entail the same thing. But is necessary remember, that in agreement our children go growing, for the world in which live, for the opportunity of have the information and see what passes to your surrounding, the children start to excite very young for the things that to all of us are worried about. When talk with adolescents, see that fret deeply for the world, are worried about a lot of the threat of war, are worried about nature, the economy, and mostly for the ecology of the planet, and I believe that fret deeply, so not fret a lot.

Without teachers, without schools, without education not have nothing. Not have practitioners nor attorneys nor technologists nor computer engineers, not have nor artists nor dancers, not have nothing.

Still have to prove that the duties traditional, that the children arrive home and have to do exercises that are exactly the same thing that have state doing in lesson, have some function. D fact, am worried about a lot that interferes in the life of the children. Because what be brilliant is that when the children return of the school can take place, and know to many children that not can do it, that have time of interact with your parents. Is some parents very good doing this, whereas other the remove of in means and smart. If you ask for to a boy that involves in something, has to be important, has to be worth the penalty. Not believe that is necessary to forbid the duties in all your ways. Like see if to the children are interested in what are learning in the school, because when return home put on to investigate on the issue, whether in Internet or in a museum; want learn things. Have to respect to the children, and need your own time and your own space, have to be able to develop your own interests, have to be able to relate with your friends, these things are so important as the learning that carry out in the school. Because not is nothing as arrive home tired, that the parents them shout, the teachers them threaten so that do the duties, so that the children not want study and bore.

The people divides the education between the useful things and which not it are. Some of the first things that want say on that is that have to understand that the learning is interdisciplinary, in other words, many of the abilities that need in The Arts, are similar to which use in English, in the writing, and similar to some that need in mathematics, in music or in sciences. The people has to understand first is that the world not divides in subjects, because our lives are a mix of abilities interdisciplinary, behaviors, knowledge and experience. If centered on the The Arts, for example, the first thing and to very basic level, the abilities motrices that need for control a pen, a pencil, a wax polish, a paintbrush or a chamber, regardless of the means, are so delicate as which needs a surgeon in who are trusting so that carries out a surgery complex. So the training of the abilities motrices is interdisciplinary. When think in the process of the art, think in the process of the creation and in the creativity. For create something, whether artistic, scientist or mathematician, have to be brave, because create something new requires value, since have to be ready for risk you. So the value for commit errors, for learn, for prove things new, for communicate with other people and expect inspire to someone as well as someone you motivated to you, all those things go through borders, need the same behaviors for be a major scientist, for be a magnificent mathematician, for be dancer, practitioner, attorney. In my opinion, say him to a boy that not owe do something because not is so important is a madness. Memory that had a friend that never went out, used to not do nothing, never did no sport, came over all the time playing to the computer, and everybody, included your parents, you asked for that stopped waste the time playing to the computer. Developed one of the softwares (softwers) more complex of which uses nowadays Microsoft, is multimillionaire. So the idea of that is necessary to say to the children what is important and what not is important is ridiculous, because what yes that know on the people that has a lot success, is that have success because them fascinates what do, whether the sciences, the mathematics, English, the music or the art. Feel passion for what do, and that passion is the one which does that overcome moments difficult, decisions hard, risks, failures. As father, what would say you to the rest of parents is that help to your children to discover your passions and support them because that passion the take a lot further away that your opinion of what subject is more important that another.

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PhD in education, teacher and writer, was award winner with the national Prize of education and appointed best director of school UK . Is author of books as “Create today the school of tomorrow ”,"The education and the future of our children” and “Simple Thinking”. Elite athletes and major organizations have had he so that them helped to understand your vision of the human resource.
How waitings that are the schools of the century XXII?

The majority of changes that have fact in the education have been reactions, not us gives good project to future.

The society is changing, so the education has to evolve. Not them are giving to our children what need because always go staying back. The main work of the educators is, first and foremost, that you see in the same way that sees a health professional, that center on what are doing, but to the same time pay attention to what passes surrounding, always are investigating. Learn new methods, refresh your experiences and opportunities and use that for question and prove your behaviors and your methodology. Have to be to the cutting edge developmental human, in order help to the boys to get ready for the challenges that have to face.

"Need that all the society collaborates in the creation of an educational system that prepares to the children for the challenges of the future".

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