Manuel Campo Vidal

Journalist and teacher of Communication

"Just talks good anyone who listens, because know the state of the person with which is talking".

A defence in favour of the value of communication.

The world divides among which know tell stories and which not know. So, learn to tell stories. If accounts good the stories, you dedicate to what you dedicate, go to go a lot of better. Vas to have more resulted, go to sell more, go to generate more confidence. So you have to give importance to the communication and you have to give importance to the word. Many times talks, but not knows exactly what says. A single word you can change the life. A single word you distances of a person, perhaps a person that expect sentimentally and you generates a rejection. Or you allows a rapprochement. Is important accompany that word with the silence. The silence previous is what allows that explodes the word, that the perceive. And the silence after pronounce it, after that phrase, is the one which us allows that everybody it does its, it adds. Is as though were before a computer and said: “Save”, as fair that moment.

If are able to take care the word, of prepare it, if are able to wrap it and present it thus, cloaked in silences, achieve that with those ideas are able to convince to other people, are able to defend better our positions and be, all in all, able to do a better world. Because many of the people, million people fortunately, that are all around the world trying do good: trying help to the refugees, trying help to the people that arrive to our coasts, trying help to which have fewer opportunities, trying teach in the schools and in the universities. If used better the word, if the combined good with the silences, be able to multiply the effectiveness of your stock.

The communication is the major pending issue that have. Not even in the schools of Journalism teaches to communicate good. Can opinion surprising, but is exactly thus. In any field of the life that look for: the journalism, the right, in the everyday life, of course in the medicine. In all the fields is absolutely basic communicate good and is a paradox that is the subject that fewer teaches.

The communication be able to be a subject compulsory and help a lot to everybody, but be enough with that in practice already did. What difference to a Spanish boy, in general to a Latin American boy, is some exceptions, with an Anglo-Saxon boy? That the Anglo-Saxons are constantly intervening and the Latin Americans not, because not us question. So not us have formed as issuers, us have formed only as receivers. Are there, in front of the teacher, almost with a remote control mental, in the meaning of that if not are interested in, not us attracts, not us thrills, you give to the button and change of channel and put on to think in our things, that nobody know which are our thoughts, but not us have taught to be issuers. The professional life changes a lot of, because later those young people that had oral exams constantly, that had to intervene most days, that had a communication practice from children, overcome the stage fright and are able to do better the examinations, are able to tell the things better. Whereas we are with fear and, moreover, if someone intervenes in lesson because talks, unfortunately and it know, the mediocrity dominant that is envious because that overcomes the stage fright start to say: “You are a ball, want that the teacher sets in you”, etc., etc. And is an element of restraint on that youngster that wants intervene. So is fair inside out of what owe happen.

The teacher, the more conscious, has a certain tension before talk in public. Myself that have fact lots of TV shows, felt tension before enter here. The feel because want communicate good, because communicate tires, because are moving the vocal cords, because are looking for the word accurate, the phrase that believe that can understand. Try read the gaze of the people that you are listening for see if follow, if share or not the knowledge or the explanations that are giving at all times. Go to distinguish among stage fright and tension stage.

The best thing is arrive here, know the space where go to talk, here have a group of people, here have another, is some chambers for here… Liven up you, is the same as go to a lesson, where is, that support a lot, reduction the tension. Of course take it ready, if not are some unwise ones. Those that say, go there to see what me goes out. As goes out any barbarity or nothing, or some nonsense, that is enough worse the nonsense that not you goes out nothing.

Is very good that help to the students to that get ready debates for defend an idea. Because overcome the stage fright, because are able to argue, because know that not can talk without a preparation serious, without a study on the question, that not can go to improvise. Not go there to see what me goes out because can say a word of more than can be a disadvantage. The tournaments of debates you facilitate a lot of the technique expositive and the payment of a person that, later, you serve for sell a product, for sell a country or for any other relationship. Besides the technique is necessary to go to the content. So here is necessary to prepare it all: is necessary to prepare and study good the percentage, the content of what want say and that you do grow the presence and the force of what say. Of course is very important, as not, the non-verbal communication. Clear that is important the tone of voice in which say the things. The handling of the silences whenever wants say some thing important. Am supporter of support the debates and that has debates in the schools and universities.

More than Manuel Campo Vidal

Journalist, PhD in Sociology, technical industrial engineer, president of the Academy of the Sciences and the Arts of Television from Spain and of the business school Next International Business School, moreover is at thead of the Institute of Business Communication. Presented and directed informative in TVE and Antena 3 TV, chain of the one which was director and later Vice president. Among others awards, has received the Prize Ripples, the Prize Castelar to the Effectiveness Communicative and the Prize Camilo José Cela to the Journalism Independent.
What message launch to parents and educators for improve the education?

Invite to our children to that communicate, to that have the possibility of know listen, because if not all happens enormously fast and keep them and educate them in the patience of listen the opinions of the rest of them and the respect is basic. One of the worse things that have is that the children read little. Is basic understand that the children go to the school, but not for that reason the parents owe opt out of the education. Is very important that has a connection, talk with the teachers and listen, also, to our children. Listen is basic. Address to the person that really has the problem is basic. I am convinced of that if listened more, in general, in the world, learn more, be more effective communicating, and of course, help to solve many more problems. And in that general guideline of listens that I me apply to me same, are also our children. Our children have to be listened, which have teenage children know that the problem not is that not the want listen many times, but they want talk. Is very difficult.

"You have to give importance to the communication, and to the word. A single word you can change the life".

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