Leontxo García

Leontxo García, Ajedrecista and journalist

"The chess is the best gym for the mind".

The virtues of the chess as tool educational

What type of models of behavior are fostered for our children? Are erecting as models of behavior, for example, to theroes of the rubbish TV. That is terrible. Are doing that the children set, as models to imitate, in completely frivolous people, empty, that not count absolutely nothing interesting, and that, moreover, it do in rush hour with many children seeing the telly together with your parents. Or put of model of behavior to football players that put the fingers in the eyes of the rival or you insult of the way more rude or pretend injuries for deceive to the arbitrator. Those are your idols. Not owe work all putting each a bit so that the idols of behavior, the models for the children are scientist, writers, workers of a NGO and, of course, schoolteachers? And, if choose sportspeople, that are really goody-goody. Me am agreeing, for example, from Rafa Nadal, that in an interview, to the question of: “You feel important because are very famous?”, replied: “I? No. How go to feel important if what is only that know do very well is happen a ball of a side of the network to the other? I not can feel very important for that reason ”. That the type of model of behavior that need.

A thing is the chess sport and another thing is the chess as tool educational. Can bore you or not interest you the high competition, that is very normal, but not know no case of a student that bores in lesson when your schoolteacher or schoolteacher are using the chess as tool educational, as long as those schoolteachers are good formed. That is, the case that better know is that one of my professional partner, Lorena García, that uses, for example, pieces colorful or does that play to the chess in a gym and the children can play knocked down or can play suited or play for teams or for couples, with games combined with two boards at the same time, where the pieces that eat of a board happen to the other … Those children are amusing. For enjoy playing to the chess or for use it as tool educational not is necessary have no type of intelligence special. Any type of person of any age, condition or level intellectual can enjoy the chess or use it as tool educational.

The students of educational chess develop more your intelligence that the others, in general, in multiple parameters, included the emotional intelligence. Additionally improve your academic yield, in general, but, above all, in two areas that are mathematics and reading comprehension . This is even scientifically demonstrated. Moreover, is lots of other qualities, be able to do a list of forty or fifty, but, for summon only one, know win and lose, in the chess takes place of a very special way because you, in the chess, more than in no other sport, not can throw him the blame of your defeat nor to the arbitrator, nor to that is raining, nor to that the field is muddy. The luck practically not influences. Therefore, in chess, the one which loses is the one which more learns. If I game a departure now with you, and you me desire, the first thing that I go to do is wonder why have lost. Am developing the self-critical thought of a way very intense. If I game to the chess frequently, am doing that very frequently. Not me fits doubt some of that there can talk of transfer, that is, that that that me is developing the chess is transferable to the lived life and I go to be self-critical in my life normal before any situation because have a sort of muscle automated in my brain for be self-critical. But, anyway, the list of virtues, values and abilities that develops the chess is very long.

Have a flexible mind is essential. No longer is enough with think, now is necessary to learn to think in a flexible way. And, there, the chess works very well because if I game a departure with you and, during that departure, is several moments in which a single played yours or mine us goes to compel to change the evaluation of all the board. And, moreover, it have to do fast because the clock is afoot.

More than Leontxo García

Leontxo García is journalist specialized in chess for more than 30 years, as well as ajedrecista of competition from the 14. Is one of the grandres divulgadores of the chess as correspondent, presenter of television, editor and lecturer in more than twenty countries. Author of the book ‘Ajedrez and Science, passions mezcladas’, in 2011 was award winner with the Deportivo de La Coruña Medal of Merit.
Which be the age suitable for learn to play to the chess?

Unless want be great teacher, any age. To the 25, to the 35, to the 45 and to the 85. Not is no problem for learn chess to any age. I it compare with study a foreign language, English, for ejemplo.Con the chess passes something similar, with the appendage of that, moreover, you it go to happen very well. That is, if what want is happen it to you good or cultivate the gym of the mind for delay your aging brain, then, any age is very good for learn to play to the chess. If what want be is a great teacher in chess, then, lament give you the bad news of that have to start before the ten years, just as is today the thing. Because the chess, the music and the mathematics are the three human activities that produce more children prodigy. Has to see with the intelligence abstract, etc.

"Together with the music, not is an education tool that are so efficient, transfers so many values nor is so amusing as the chess".

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