Juan Antonio Madrid

Cronobiólogo and professor of physiology

The hardship of dream influences a lot of in the learning and the yield

How affects the lack of dream to the academic achievement?

Is two major problems of dream that have Spaniards. One is the insomnia, the difficulty of initiate or keep the dream. And the other problem is the phase delay , that is the difficulty of leave to sleep at night and of get up in the morning. The science to the one which I me dedicate, that is the cronobiología, deals with these problems. And am convinced of that goes to help to that the understand. The cronobiólogos are a group of scientist, not have nothing to do with the horoscopes, the biorhythms, the astrology, that us dedicate to the study of the biologicalrhythms. What is a rhythm? As a rhythm is any aspect of the biology, of the biochemistry, behavioral of a person or an animal that changes over the time. But that changes of a way predecible. That is, that every year, every month or every day changes cyclically. Then, talk of rhythms of different categories. The rhythm of 24 hours calls “circadian”, is the one which more has studied, but not is the only one. For example, the migration of the birds, the flowering of many species… All that are rhythms that have a period one-year. And is rhythms that have a period of a day. For example, the dream. Those are the rhythms circadian. And who rules the rhythms? As a clock. For that matter are many clocks that have within our body.

When talk of clocks broken use a scientific end that calls “cronodisrupción”. Is an alteration of your circadian system, of the system that controls the time, and is linked to many pathologies. Not want alarm to nobody, but the cronodisrupción, for example, relates with deterioration cognitive, by heart, with accelerated aging, with some cancer types: sucks, colorectal, prostate. With insomnia, obviously, with immunodepression, with alterations reproductive, with another thing very important: alterations affective, depression. With metabolic syndrome: obesity, diabetes. That is, have a real set of pathologies that worsen when your body clock works ill. Eye, not say that if your clock works ill go to have all of this, but that worsens. And the insomnia is a demonstration of an alteration of that clock. Then, when someone has insomnia almost always poses: “Good, and what have to take? What tablets have to take? What me goes to send the practitioner?”. But I believe that the first thing that be necessary to do is know why have the insomnia, which is the cause, which is the origin. Because if not, what are doing is delete a symptom, take a medicament that you turns off that light that is turning on and you are warning that something works ill. And goes to be always there. Then, the insomnia is necessary to deal with it from an all-inclusive approach.

The cronobiólogos study your life overall . Your day and your night. Is something that prejudices to that insomnia? Perhaps not, perhaps is a cause intern of your nerve cells, of your centers of dream. But usually is necessary to think in a cause external. Try see why every time is more alterations of dream, more and more alterations cronobiológicas. And arrive to a very simple conclusion that can, moreover, measure and is the following ones. Imagine how live you if had three clocks different in your brain. The clock from Tokyo, from London, and from New York. And that your physical body had to unify those hours. As that is what are doing. Have a clock, your time intern, your body clock that you says: “Hears, not, I prefer sleep among the two in the morning and the ten in the morning. This is my band hourly biological”. Have a second half, that one of the light artificial, that can generate the cycle light-darkness that want. No longer is the sun the one which it generates. But top have a third time, that is the time social. The time social is: When can I sleep good, what need, if have to enter to work to the eight in the morning and need hour and a half for go to the work? That is, have to get up to 6.30. To what time have to turn in for fulfill the schedule that need? Then, when you see that is impossible fit that, you give account where is the problem. The problem, many times, is in which your time intern and your time social not coincide. And those imbalances measure in hours. Cuantas more hours of imbalance, worse are. For example, if have a problem of insomnia and see that not is a problem because of the three times, to incoherences of the three times, rejected the part cronobiológica and leave to another.

For what is useful the dream? Know something of for what is useful, but not all. Does very poquitos years, four, discovered a fundamental function of the dream. The dream is useful so that cleans your brain of toxic substances that leave accumulating during the day. If not sleep what is enough, if not sleep deeply, those deposits that can produce then alzhéimer, párkinson, or deterioration cognitive not drag enough good and leave accumulating, and damaging your nerve cells. Therefore, is necessary to sleep. Although not feels one the need in the first periods of the life, is necessary to sleep the enough time and in a deep way.

The dream influences a lot of in the learning, in the yield. Not know the figures, but to a great extent part of the school failure that can have owe attribute to a decrease in the time of dream. Is a very general problem. I believe that not us have given account as society of the importance that is having this. Which us dedicate to the teaching, observe that to the nine in the morning the faces are lost. To the 12 in the morning not is way of that shut up. Then, is a problem of phase delay, that the young boys leave to sleep more and more late. And as have to get up early for go to the school, arrive private of dream.

And what does the hardship of dream at the level of yield? As for example, you cancellation the response times , the speed of understanding of any type of stimuli. Often, what do is that disconnect. Enter those episodes of sleepiness and as results that top the education be usually very passive, that they are receiving and is a person actively explaining as they disconnect simply and dedicate to think in another thing. Clear, that understands easily. Imagine that your center of dream that you mark your body clock be to the six or the seven in the morning. It have raised almost in one half of your dream. And you it are taking to a school and it are suiting passively for receive information. As what want?

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Juan Antonio Madrid is Professor of Physiology and Specialist in Cronobiología for the University Pierre and Marie Curie from Paris. Moreover, directs currently the Laboratory of Cronobiología (Cronolab) of the University of Murcia, that is part of the CYBER of Fragility and Aging Healthy CYBERFAITHS. Are before yno of great experts in the field of the circadian rhythms, an authority for shell the secrets of the dream, and your importance in thealth and in the learning.
What information can you give us to illustrate the fact that we've got a problem with our dreams?

Is several signs that us say if are sleeping ill. If feel a daytime somnolence excessive, there, obviously, is a problem already of bad quality of dream. Other times the problem is subtler, states in which have apathy, have a certain desgana, have a tiredness in the morning. In all those cases have to see what is passing by the night and do an analysis of dream. Some pathologies are more frequent and is some that are very strange. But is other very frequent. For example, the apnea. The apnea is a pathology that owes deal and owes deal as soon as possible. Because then involves from hypertension, major risk of accident cardiovascular, problems metabolic, diabetes, and so on. How detect that you have an apnea? As usually the person not autoobserves when is sleeping. But if has a couple or a father or a mother that can observe that snore that from time to time for, and is a time, that happen 10 second, 20 second, and suddenly gives an explosion and the person comes back again to breathe, has a problem apnea and owes go to the practitioner so that it revises and you puts treatment. Is another pathology frequent that is the insomnia, that you remarked earlier. Very very frequent. Usually goes partner a lot to stress problems, abuse of mobile devices, of be all the day as a motorbike, of take exciting for be able to you keep, and then not disconnect good during the dream. Additionally associates to the depression the insomnia. Go joined. And is problems that are quite frequent but that the people not usually warn. Is one that is the disorder of restless legs that states during the day. Above all when arrives already the afternoon or the night. Arrives, are seeing the television, and start to notice that are still, and the leg seems that the have to move, not? That you stings, that have tingle, that have malaise. When the move you passes. But straightaway appears again and the have to move. And not stop of move the legs. And this, at first, can hinder that begin to sleep because leave to bed and follow having that malaise. Is as heat in the leg. But when fall asleep can appear also another demonstration: periodical movement of legs. Start to move the leg every a certain time. And that fragments your dream, does that sleep more superficially. That get up tired and not know why. In a border of population younger, undoubtedly, the main problem is the phase delay of the dream, leave to sleep very late and get up very late. Then is some of fewer importance. The talk at night, the sleepwalking, or the bruxismo, the rechinar the teeth. But, in general, usually happen with the age.

"Is ways of assess how is the education in the dream that have our children; the huge majority of they be suspenses".

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