Jorge Ruiz

Musician and schoolteacher of Audition and Language

"The children are a source inexhaustible of creativity, potential and passion"talent.

The art and humanities in the center of the education

My passion actual not is only the music, but the communication. Had the opportunity of study a career, that was Speech therapy, the therapy of the language. And, when finished, also studied Magisterium in audition and language. There learnt many of the things that today have become my passion: the education world, the world of the talent and the why the educational system not achieves develop the potential that all the human beings have inside. Like tell something that maybe calls the attention of my history, that has to see with that grew thinking during all my process educational that not had no type of talent. And when say no type of talent is literal. Not even the things that I knew or thought that could do good, that liked, not even there thought that that liked to nobody, that that talent or potential could go out. Grew thinking that was a black ball, a black ball with reference to all the students, all are black balls, and is ones poquitas balls red that are which have talent. And those balls red usually emphasize in something, or have a very high note, or have something superevident in what emphasize a lot, but the majority of the black balls also have something, what passes is that that something not sees.

From the veintipocos years I already was matriculated in right, after have had a route normal, notable. Neither arrive to suspend all nor to shine. But happened a fact in my life that is that my body me stopped, me said, through a disorder of anxiety, me said: «Until here». Was suffering a lot, not was happy, matriculated in a career that not liked nothing and where I could not shine, because, moreover, only had to memorize and could not or felt that could not express my creativity. The fact of have that disorder of anxiety me stopped and me made leave it all. Abandoned the studies and me said to me same: «Until not find what want do, not do nothing. Not run to a place, in other words, in an address that not you goes to take to no space to the one which want arrive». And that, when have veintipocos years you turns in a strange specimen, all your environment straightaway you tries say that are wrong, that have to study something or do something or work in something, but not you say good in what, because not it know they neither. So stopped all in my life and what is only that had clear, my only reference, is that wanted do songs because the did from small. Not had in my family no musical performance benchmark, so was a completely unknown field, inhospitable. And, moreover, only listened a phrase very manida that is that the music world is very difficult. Curiously that it have listened after all the worlds, all the worlds are difficult, above all for which it says.

If you trust in you same, in the end, the things finish passing, but have to trust all the time, not only in a point of the path, but all the time. Good, as this history continued studying Speech therapy, recording mockups, could take out my first record, then my first company me threw to the street… Nobody said that was simple. But me knew replace and caught on that had mission the same error that in the beginning: ran too towards a place that not was mine, for that reason stop again, ended the career and, in that stand by, went out this ditty that perhaps you sounds, that is a song that talks of philosophy that calls The secret of the tortoises and that me changed radically all my life. But also set up my cabinet of speech therapy, and there started to work with children real and started to see that the children are a source inexhaustible of creativity, of potential talent and of passion. Not know to no boy that not is creative, none, not there is that.

The way of express that talent is tremendously variable, but that not means that not can have the skills of see it. Now, is necessary to dedicate him a very valuable thing that calls attention. I always say in a phrase that give attention means «you want». If not you give attention not is that you are saying that not you want, but not you are appreciating as deserve, and that passes in all the fields of the life of a person, not only in the workplace or in yours, student, but also in the personal relationships, relatives, of friends… None wants that not you take care of, not know to nobody, to no be that not wants be looked after, because that means «you want», and because grew as species being together. Therefore, the love has to be the point one of the path, not can not have love in what do. For that reason the education is ignoring systematically the treasures that take inside. And this not is something literary nor that belongs only to a speech void, but the science already it knows, the doctrine already knows this, and knows that if to a person you give your space, that person finishes shining.

All have potentialtalent. The talent not is in the beginning of the education, but is in the end, and that all have the responsibility of allow that goes out ours and that one of the rest of them. In order admit the talent have to be able to that the individual listens. Not teach to listen, but the individual listens, because already is in us that skills. Not is necessary to instill it, but give off it. If not prevent that the person listens, afternoon or early find your value and want work in him for turn it in a talent of the one which live.

The current educational system is very cold and allows very little the individuality. educational system is a mainframe computer and we are the hard disks. Us hook to that computer and capture that content. But is as though not had content that contribute him to the system. Is very gregarious. You hook, you fill of content and leave. And I what believe that owe be is what passes with a system associative as the network. A search engine, for example. A search engine is a box empty where you have an interest for a reason, it key in and it look for. The se system feeds of your interest, that is content, and grows with you. The school owe be identical. With the emotion fence and the ethics governing all that universe, but where I can do questions, my questions mean something for the system and the se system motivates generating my questions. That is as a society really regenerates. For me the full element of transformation of the society is the education. A system that not allows the learning associative, overall or as idea, auto limits to itself. Already is experiences, and this is changing because the teachers get around for allow that, because that is very easy see it above all if some time have state in a classroom of child, know that or understand thereof or are casualty.

More than Jorge Ruiz

Group leader of pop ‘Maldita Nerea’, vocalist and composer, Jorge Ruiz is moreover speech therapist and teacher of Audition and Language. Is also ambassador of talent of the ‘Fundación Promete’ and author of the book “Dancer”.
Believe that considers what is enough the art and the culture in the education?

You gives importance, but has to materialize with facts. Humanities have been retreats or relegated to a very minority part of the educational software. Is centering all in find work. The students only want find work and not create it. If I know who am, believe things. Those things can be materials or can be more immaterial. A song not sees, but has value. As the creator needs humanities and from the value to the culture for create. The real value, at the end of all of this … The speech is: you give the importance to the creation from the first moment? And the response categóricamente is not, not the one which deserves. Believe that not understand too if are still posing if put or not the philosophy, if the philosophy is useful for something, if the art history or the music… Is a thing demonstrated in education and is that for improve the attention of any individual, the arts general are tremendously utensils. Only for that fact, for the fact of improve the processes of attention, already am interested in study art or history of the culture… Because is our history. Not negotiates with the music, not negotiates with the art, not negotiates with the plastic arts or stage, not negotiates with the philosophy. Not negotiates with humanities, have to be yes or yes.

"For admit the potentialtalent, is necessary that the individual learns to listen to itself ".

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