Joan Roca


"The failure is part of the learning. Is necessary assume and learn from the errors".

The learning perpetual as method.

The fact of follow learning us moves, us motivates, keeps lively the passion necessary to be still creatives, for follow doing things new, for follow taking care of that public that comes to the restaurant with the expectations very high. So, fortunately travel a lot; go to many places where is things new for see, for learn and, then, apply to your restaurant. That is, that is the trade of follow learning. I have state during 20 years linked to the education. In that same school to the one which were a day to study, I entered of teacher and was 21 years combining what you have counted of the evolution of the restaurant. Fortunately, the school was in the neighborhood of next to ours, whereupon was very fence and could go and teach. At the same time that taught, learnt. For me, these 20 years of education were, also, a way of follow learning. For teach have to know, have to accumulate knowledge for feel comfortable teaching, and this you compels to follow learning. Moreover, learnt and a lot, of my students, of the people that came to learn. All came of some place different, as come now many young people of many places of the world that come to learn to the Celler of Hound Roca. Is a symbiosis, is an exchange of knowledge. All have some experiences, and in this of the kitchen is wonderful because, one way or another, all are connected with the diet, but also with the kitchen. All have a memory gustatory, some experiences and a learning fact. Share it is fantastic, because everybody finishes learning from this. You encourage to follow learning in what do because this is the prettiest trade of the world, learn, of what is.

The education and the learning are key for the life, for follow advancing, for feel good, for feel comfortable, comfortable in a society that is demanding, that demands challenges, and you can go taking a lot of more confidence if dedicate time of your life to the learning and to the knowledge. For that reason have dedicated time. Not only in my case, that have state dedicated to the education during a time, also have undertaken projects training. Actually, does already four years decide open a space complementary to the restaurant, calls The Masía. Is a place of creativity, of investigation, but also and, above all, of education. There dedicate time, resources, means, for form to our team. To the team stable, but also to the team that comes and way in periods of four months with us, that is something very usual in the restaurants, and that try dedicate them time and energy so that can, really, make good use of that time that happen with us. Obviously, also, travel. And when travel, in every city in which us install, were a week cooking, went to schools of kitchen, gave lectures the three brothers, that this is a luxury because is difficult join us to the three in a classroom. And were lessons that I believe that were very well, very interesting because try tell all. In other words, tell in a lesson how is the Celler of Hound Roca and how it do we there. That is, share knowledge. And, later, some of these students us helped to prepare the dinners. That is, that knew more and better what did.

Is many ways in the current resume training, just as is structured, of learn to cook, of have that knowledge no longer only on nutrition, that obviously is very important, but also on how transform the products, how cook that is very simple and is very amusing. Is a way wonderful of transmit affect the people that want at home. Then, for us is password, is vital for the future, so that the families follow connected because, moreover, is schools that already it are doing on his own. If not them give hours for the kitchen, that be your thing, catch those ones of chemistry and the turn in a cookery class. This is the major contribution, me seemed an idea fantastic because, certainly, many processes, many elaborations, can tell from an optical chemistry. Actually, the kitchen, you it know, are physical and chemistries reactions that can tell from a textbook. But is obvious that is necessary to search the cash position because I believe that is password.

The existing society has interest for the gastronomy. Because knows that the gastronomy is a lot more, is health, is economy, is leisure, is well-being, is sustainability, is ecology… Whereupon, the kitchen no longer is only some cooks cooking, has another dimension a lot of more important. And the cooks are there, are the actors of that new world that, sometimes, fodder sincerely that are overvalued because is people in this society that does things a lot of more important that the cooks. But good, understand that the paper that we develop has to see with that interest of the society for that dimension ampler that has nowadays the kitchen, and that goes to all these fields a lot of more open and all connected ones.

More than Joan Roca

National prize of Gastronomy, Joan Roca directs together with your brothers the restaurant The Celler of Hound Roca, award winner with three Stars Michelin. After study in the Catering school and Tourism from Girona and travel for the world learning with the best ones, the chef returned as teacher to your school at the same time that followed experiencing in the kitchen of The Celler.
What learning you have brought of all those places and cultures of the world that have visited?

Learning and inspiration. Every place was a source of inspiration that still now, after some years already of have returned, still have things in the backpack for go taking out and go appearing techniques that saw, things that learnt, combinations that were there and that follow, still, surfacing in our memory when think dishes new. Therefore, is a baggage unbelievable that keep. Techniques and things specific. An experience wonderful that does that return convinced of that your kitchen is still that one of the roots, that one of the tradition, the kitchen with which have learnt, the one which does in your environment, is the base, is still the base, but has more and more global inspiration. The Celler of Hound Roca is a place magical, a place fantastic, is as a fable. It accounts now and seems a tale. Three brothers that with effort, with work, but that, moreover have had examinations unimaginable. Probably all which give to a restaurant to international level the have received. Whereupon feel grateful to the life, lucky person and, also, like launch a message of that all of this is possible with effort, with tenacity, with work, with passion, with illusion… Is question of not leave take for the errors or failures that also have had we and that everybody commits and that, therefore, is necessary to get up, back, follow, follow moves forward.

"You encourage to follow learning in what do, learn is the prettiest trade of the world".

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