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Esther Wojcicki: "We learn more outside of school"

As a journalist and educator, she emphasizes the main skills that should be taught at school to make for a more meaningful education. Her method fosters values such as collaboration and creativity.

The successful educational model of Cascavelos Public School

Learn about one of the examples from Portugal's successful educational model, the only one to have improved their PISA scores.

Jimmy Wales: "Learning how to learn is now more important than ever"

The founder of Wikipedia wants there to be universal access to human knowledge.

Eline Snel: "Mindfulness teaches children to relax and think"

This therapist teaches people to enjoy everything they do.

Francesco Tonucci: "Educate means "to bring out or bring forth what is within"

The pedagogue Tonucci believes in children's rights and Open Schooling.

Enhamed Enhamed: "Success is a question of compromise rather than motivation"

This swimmer has shown the value of constant effort.

Álvaro Bilbao: "To maximize a child's potential, it is essential to help them feel safe"

Find out how your children's brains work.

"When I think of education I think of empowerment, as you learn things that can help you live a better life"

Esther Wojcicki, teacher and journalist

Richard Gerver: "We need to find children's passion"

This doctor in education considers that the real key to achieving a quality education is for the educational environment to detect what the child likes the most. Find out the key aspects of the possible educational models which this expert in the human potential has to offer.

Patricia Ramírez: "Effort is essential. It is necessary to instill in young people that pleasure comes after duty"

The key to improving communication with adolescents.

Tal Ben Shahar: "People who regularly express gratitude are happier and have more success"

Can we learn to be happier?

César Bona: "We need to listen to children, to families and to transform all together"

The schoolteacher from Zaragoza particularly values dialog with students.

Victor Küppers: "Education is done with love, lots of love, and time, lots of time"

Learn about positive psychology and advice for learning how to listen.

Silvia Álava: "Homework is always a child's responsibility"

A guide to help children be more autonomous and learn through mistakes.

Robert Swartz: "At school we don't teach students to make good decisions".

Ways to encourage critical reasoning and creativity.

"Punishment is effective; however, the ensuing collateral damage is tremendous. Recipients become afraid and lose confidence so that it won't happen again"

Patricia Ramírez, sport and the health psychologist

David Bueno: "Learning means changing our brain"

The biologist and genetics professor explains how your brain changes whenever you learn something new. Find out all the secrets of neuroscience, a discipline undergoing rapid expansion which gives us an in-depth insight into how our brain works.

Kiran Bir Sethi: "We have lied to our children; they are not the future, they are the present"

Learn about the movement created in India that encourages creativity among children.

Catherine L'Ecuyer: "No exposure to screens for children until the age of two"

The Canadian worried by the excessive exposure children have to electronics.

Mar Romera: "Overprotecting our children makes them weak at an emotional level"

This educator has passed through all levels of education.

José Ramón Gamo: "Learning must be achieved through doing, not through subjects"

The neuropsychologist explains how we can incorporate neurodidactics into school.

Cristóbal Cobo: "There is tension between what they teach us and what we use in life"

The researcher defends the use of technology, but at the service of creativity.

Tiina Mäkelä: "This way, you can know whether your child is being bullied at school"

Find out the key to avoiding, preventing and combating bullying.

"Anything we learn alters one of the billions of connections we have in our brains. Therefore, learning means changing our brain"

David Bueno, genetic biologist

Javier Blumenfeld: "Eating must be a family occasion."

Healthy eating habits and bedtime routines are essential for improved brain function and are also beneficial for health in general. Javier Blumenfeld explains this theory in detail to help us understand it better.

Luis Castellanos: "Transform the language is the skills of choose the words for be more freelance"

Knows the importance of the words with the concept of positive language.