We'll learn together

An education project for a better life

Valentine Fuster: "Theart is useful for give amount and the brain quality of life "

Valentine FUster, an eminence world in the field of the cardiology, offers some of your recipes on how owes be the education. Among your priorities emphasizes the search of the talent of each individual as main goal.

Jordi Nomen: "The Philosophy is a know that us does critics, creatives and careful"

The importance of humanities.

Sugata Miter: "Some children with access to Internet can learn what is by themselves "

Method of learning minimally invasive.

Santiago Moll: "The devices electronic owe help us to teach better"

The responsibilities digital.

Juan Antonio Madrid: "The dream is useful for clean our brain of toxic substances "

How affects the lack of dream.

Elsa Punset: "Thirst the emotional coaches of your children"

Thus can apply the emotional intelligence.

Juan from Vicente Abad: "The students owe learn to know"

Passwords of the methodology of the Learning service.

"Can teach to the children self-control, optimism, joy, serenity, that are emotions that have an impact brutal on your intelligence"

Elsa Punset, writer and divulgadora

Javier Blumenfeld: "Eating must be a family occasion"

Healthy eating habits and bedtime routines are essential for improved brain function and are also beneficial for health in general. Javier Blumenfeld shells this theory.

Luis Castellanos: "Transforming language is the ability to choose words to be more autonomous"

The importance of the words.

Eva Millet: "Education is also character: children have to be allowed to do things for themselves"

Consequences of the excessive protection.

Mario Alonso Puig: "All humans have potential and the ability to achieve greatness"

The self-esteem or the independence.

Alicia Banderas: "Children's brains are not sponges"

The importance of the game free.

Alberto Soler: "Putting a label on a child is very easy; removing it is not so easy"

The critical thought in the children

Melisa Tuya: "Autism should never hold a person back"

What lies behind an autism diagnosis?

"Educating your children involves giving them freedom and the tools they need so that they can figure things out for themselves, grow and become more self-sufficient"

Eva Millet, journalist and writer

Esther Wojcicki: "Children can cope with major challenges"

As a journalist and educator, she emphasizes the main skills that should be taught at school to make for a more meaningful education. Her method fosters values such as collaboration and creativity.

The successful educational model of Carcavelos Public School

A case of the model educational Portuguese.

Jimmy Wales: "Learning how to learn is now more important than ever"

Universal access to the knowledge.

Eline Snel: "Mindfulness teaches children to relax and think"

Enjoys every thing that does.

Francesco Tonucci: "Educate means "to bring out or bring forth what is within"

The rights of the boy and in the school open.

Enhamed Enhamed: "Success is a question of compromise rather than motivation"

The value of the esfuerzco constant.

Álvaro Bilbao: "To maximize a child's potential, it is essential to help them feel safe"

Thus works the brain of your children.

"When I think of education I think of empowerment, as you learn things that can help you live a better life"

Esther Wojcicki, teacher and journalist

Richard Gerver: "We need to find children's passion"

This PhD in education considers that the recipe for achieve an education quality is detect what more likes to the boy. Knows passwords of possible mdelos educational that offers this expert in the human resource.

Patricia Ramírez: "Effort is essential. It is necessary to instill in young people that pleasure comes after duty"

Improve the communication with adolescents.

Tal Ben Shahar: "People who regularly express gratitude are happier and have more success"

Can we learn to be happier?

César Bona: "We need to listen to children, to families and to transform all together"

The dialog with the students.

Victor Küppers: "Education is done with love, lots of love, and time, lots of time"

Knows the psychology positive.

Silvia Álava: "Homework is always a child's responsibility"

The autonomy in the children.

Robert Swartz: "At school we don't teach students to make good decisions".

Recipes for promote the critical reasoning.

"Punishment is effective; however, the ensuing collateral damage is tremendous. Recipients become afraid and lose confidence so that it won't happen again"

Patricia Ramírez, sport and the health psychologist

David Bueno: "Learning means changing our brain"

The biologist and genetics professor explains how your brain changes whenever you learn something new. Knows all the secrets of the neuroscience, a discipline that us account the way in which works our brain.

Kiran Bir Sethi: "We have lied to our children; they are not the future, they are the present"

Promote the creativity of the children.

Catherine L'Ecuyer: "No exposure to screens for children until the age of two"

The excessive exhibition child to the electronics.

Mar Romera: "Overprotecting our children makes them weak at an emotional level"

The future has solution.

José Ramón Gamo: "Learning must be achieved through doing, not through subjects"

The neurodidactics in the school.

Cristóbal Cobo: "There is tension between what they teach us and what we use in life"

The technology at the service of the creativity.

Tiina Mäkelä: "This way, you can know whether your child is being bullied at school"

Prevent and fight the bullying.

"Anything we learn alters one of the billions of connections we have in our brains. Therefore, learning means changing our brain"

David Bueno, genetic biologist

Eduardo Sáenz: "The mathematics us do free"

Eduardo Sáenz from Cabezón, an eminence in the area of the algebra computancional, explains the importance that have the mathematics in the correct development of the human being, as well as your importance in the phase educational.

Marina Subirats: "Owe work for the construction of a culture not androcéntrica"

In what consists the coeducation?

Rosan Bosch: "Can design a better world starting for the school"

Spaces educational more creative