Carol Dweck

Psychologist and researcher

"Not is necessary to stay in the effort, but in the process of the boy when progress".

The virtues of the mentality of growth

Even in little children, between three and four years, your mentality not has formed completely, but yes see traits of mentality fixed or of growth. Many of these children already start to develop mentality of growth to that age, but other, when them argues or them criticizes or award in something, think: “Not am a nice person ”. And this is something of mentality fixed, not want follow and for this reason did, a father can catch on if to your son you scare the difficulties, if give up easily and frustrate quickly, if say: “Not can do this” without have it attempted real. In that case, is necessary to center on discover what passes. Is the great parents challenge and teachers, find out what happens. Go to observe, to prove things different and it discover. The great present that you can do to a boy is teach him that not passes nothing if not achieves something now, but that, with time, effort, learning and collaboration, can achieve it.

In the beginning us center a lot in the effort. Then, caught on that the people it took too in earnest. Thought that the mentality of growth just consisted of endeavor, that what is important was that the boy endeavored to the maximum, had success or not, that could not say him to your son that it had done good. Once a father came and me said: “Love be able to praise the achievements of my daughter”, you said: “But what say? Clear that can applaud your achievements, but then talk on how has arrived until there”. Is the process what matters, not only the effort. If you say to a boy: “Woof, have worked very hard”, but really not has progressed nothing, why it say? You can say: “Consider a lot of the effort that have fact, but go to find out how improve”. Not is necessary to stay in the effort, but in the process of the boy when progress and, at the end of that process, the boy needs compromise to improve still more.

Never is too late for learn. For a lot of people not is easy learn to change. If have lived always with fear to the challenges or believing that the errors you do fewer intelligent, can be very complicated learn to change, but never is too late. Former student mine has a group of investigation dedicated to the very old; has overdraft that the memory can improve when them teach the mentality of growth, as well as your ability for learn. So never is afternoon; a lot of people has little islands of mentality fixed in your head. “Not can do this, not can do maths, not know touch an instrument, not learn never another language ”. Fit very well in those… Or maybe only have lived a bad experience. Not long ago knew to several teachers of elementary school that said that of small hated the mathematics, learnt the mentality of growth, gave courses of mathematics and discovered that loved and that them gave brilliant. Never is afternoon for discover something new. And maybe when were youngster had a bad experience, or that not knew draw good and not understood why. Not learnt, not means that not can learn now.

Have good grades is good, believe that all agree, but give him so much importance to the notes means that, to your son, you are saying: “Take out good grades is better that learn. Take out good grades is more important that understand something deeply and soak you of it. Take out good grades is better that have novel ideas ”. If achieve take out good grades without endeavor, that father be feeling very jolly, but that not you prepares for the life, you prepares for have good grades in the school. But if not understand something in depth, if you block with the things difficult, not know how have novel ideas, not know catch a problem and give him the round for solve it… If not know what are interested in, all these things not prepare to the children for the life.

Find your passion can shy or typecast you, shy if believe that not the have found or typecast you if believe that the have found. For that reason I never say that look for your passion, but rather: “Thinks in be the version kinder of you same, thinks in what want do that person”. And then them encourage to develop your interests. No longer to find directly a passion, sometimes the people it achieves, sometimes is a love at first sight, but even there, has to cultivate and take place. And, before the first difficulty, neither can think: “Vale, not was my passion, go to prove this another”. Is necessary to understand that is necessary to develop the interests and that, sometimes, meet with difficulties or adversities and, even so, can be your great interest.

The first time that wrote on the mentality of growth and started to develop the idea, believed that was something very evident, that was a very easy idea of understand: the idea of that the abilities can improve. Additionally believed that the teachers could put it in practice easily. Made mistakes. If you asked for to the people that defined the mentality of growth, not thought that was improve the abilities, but of praise the effort. Sometimes them released a speech in the beginning of the year and expected that the students, suddenly, stopped hate the challenges or classified to the children. Caught on that not was a concept easy of implement in the classroom. What made? The first thing was reread a lot, classify the ideas among which are false and which not, explain him to the people how change your own mentality, some partners are now developing a route sheet for teachers that detail step by step how implement the mentality of growth in the classroom. In the first place, the teacher must change your own mentality. Caught on that many teachers ensured have a mentality of growth when not was thus. The first step is admit your own mentality fixed, the next step is commit your own errors in the classroom and discover, in front of students, how correct them. Many of the teachers of mathematics more recognized commit errors and to the lesson loves and, thus, all together discover the solution. Is necessary to give importance in the notes when a boy faces up to a challenge and follows moves forward, thus nobody, nor the students more intelligent have an A grade if not it work, is necessary to give importance in the notes when show some progress, is necessary to center on learn and improve, is necessary to show to the children that be confused is a part natural of the learning and how overcome it and center on the process, not only in the effort but in the strategies, that know ask for support when is necessary, use resources within reach, lean on partners that them help to learn. The teachers have to consider, award a prize and admit these things.

More than Carol Dweck

Carol Dweck is teacher of psychology in the Stanford University , and the creator of concepts as fixed mentality or mentality of growth, that one of anyone who believe that your abilities can improve thanks to the training and the effort. Your investigations conclude that the parents, schoolteachers and educators can help to promote the mentality of growth. If as parents or educators, centered on praise the process more than the result, the children face better before the challenges instead of give for overcome when the things complicate.
As well as there are people that look for learn permanently, is other with a mentality fixed. What would say them?

Believe that is a personal decision. If someone says: “Me voucher and for this reason know”, not has why have mentality fixed, can not have a motivation for learn. If is your decision and believe that is what is correct, not passes nothing, but if stay out of work and not are ready for another, if not know how learn, if is something that say on the defensive and not believe real that can learn, can be problematic. Believe that all owe have desire of learn, know how learn, know how overcome the fears, can want use all of this or not. Is things in which endeavored and things in which not, take decisions, but have to be aware of that can learn and have to know how do it. The mentality of growth is a tool that support to the people to get around in this unknown world. Not believe that what does in many centers helps to get around. Now more than never need a mentality of growth together with tools of problem solving.

"Teaches to your son that not passes nothing if not achieves something now, but that, with time, effort and learning, can achieve it".

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