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"The habits healthy only learn through the education and the example".

Education as a weapon against childhood obesity.

Errors in the diet is several but many times not are induced for the same family, but is owing to lack of information. The containers of the products that are in the supermarket take labels. And, sometimes, the phrases that put striking: «Has vitamins, this you help to grow», and not are in products that are really healthy. Exonerate to the mothers, that want that your children feed of a way perfect. Even, during the first two years of life is an obsessive little bit. Is necessary to watch from the four or five years, in which goes to start a more socialdiet. The boy starts to go to the school, sees what take the other children for have lunch or for have a snack, and there gets off the guard. Start with the buns, with the juices... The errors more frequent come induced for a knocking copy and, sometimes, in the limit of the legality. Other errors that that commit, is for an excess of indulgence. That is, that think that our children not go to be happy if not them give this afternoon this croissant with the puntitas of chocolate that me is asking for when go to buy to the super.

Take twenty years with quite a lot of errors, so much induced ones, as product of an environment obesogénico, of hiperfagia, that be of eat more than what need and, above all, of eat ill. These consequences already are seeing adolescents of sixteen, eighteen years, young people of twenty-five. Already is obesity and overweight in young people that have problems of blood pressure, problems of sugars, diabetes type two, problems, sometimes, osteoarticulares, and are giving, even, more cardiovascular problems in people of thirty to forty years that in other periods. It really important and sad is that, so much the World Health Organization, as many experts, already us are saying that can be in front of the first generación of children that live fewer that we.

All row in the same address, educate in the self-access learning for know have elements of criterion and be able to choose the foodstuff healthy. Is good that the children go with the parents and with the mothers to buy, better be to the market that not to the supermarket, but neither can live in a world idyllic, but is very useful… The food industry not is so bad, she what wants is sell, but wants that your customers not pass on. Therefore, also is necessary to know that us goes to facilitate the life through, for example, right now, lettuces of these that come several in the containers, and us can help, and can choose elements healthy in a supermarket, also.

Is a study that has arrived to determine that with three foods in family that generate a communication, an ambient untroubled and of fondness and without music nor screens. Have determined that the self regulation, also, from the children to any age, causes that has fewer weight problems and eat more healthily.

The sugar, the sucrose industrial, it white of course not need. The brain not needs sugar, the brain needs glucose, and this glucose the can take out of the fruits, of the vegetables, of the potatoes, that is starch, that then it cut into pieces. Not is necessary the sugar industrial, all right? The sugar now is present without it know in the fuet, the ham, in the sauces, in the cereals for breakfast, in the yoghurts, the liquid yoghurts not there were, is the sugar hidden.

The sugar free, as it says the WHO, behaves, metabolically, of a non suitable way, not healthy, as though you eat an orange. The explanation where is? In the fiber; if you eat an orange, go chewing, and even to the chew, already go freeing neuropeptides intestinal that prepare the digestion, and when already you comas the orange or the apple or the banana, that takes fiber, go to feel satiation. And is what not succeeds the take the juice. The drinks sugary have related to the increase and with the overweight and with the obesity, and is a relationship patently obvious. The WHO determines that what is advisable as for sugar be the five per cent of the total calories, and that maximum be about twenty-five grams, a can of a soda can have thirty, and an orange juice of three oranges as also can have the same thing that a soda.

Myths in the diet have for give and sell. Is a myth that yes that like that all which us are seeing it had very clear, and is the eat of all. It see even written in books serious or in websites that seem serious. Has your origin in the sixties and what wanted say is that if take fishes, meats, cereals, fruits and vegetables, is fewer possibilities of that you not has enough some nutrient essential because eat of all the food groups. But, currently, when says eat of all, enter the hyperprocessed ones, the croissants, the juices, the cookies and the sugary cereals. Is necessary to eat of all that is healthy. Not of all. And in the pyramid, the tip is full of candies, croissants, cold meats, and you puts: «Consumption sporadic». Each it can perform as is, but in the pyramid you says that is of the diet healthy. Is very criticized this pyramid currently. And what prefer now the sanitary ones that are talking of nutrition? The dish from Harvard.

The dish from Harvard is substituting to the pyramid, because eat in dishes, not eat in pyramids. And then you puts: fruit and vegetable, one half of the dish; all-inclusive cereals, a fourth of the dish; and protein healthy, the other fourth. Protein healthy not is the cold meat, although takes. Protein healthy are the legumes, the tofu, the nuts, the egg, the fish and the white meat, better that the red one. And what you says the dish from Harvard is that is necessary to avoid the meats processed. And this us costs a lot here in our country, because have a major culture of the pig and of all the derivatives. And many moms follow thinking that the ham of york practically almost is a medicine: «What suavecito. Is bad the boy, as you give ham of york», not. Not is poisonous, insist, but is meat processed. In the dish from Harvard have the proteins healthy: eggs, fish, meat white, legumes; the all-inclusive cereals: wholewheat bread, it have the above-mentioned earlier, the brown rice, and the doughs, if are integrals better also; and the fruits and vegetables that not stop of talk of they. This is the dish healthy from Harvard.

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Author of the book ‘Tú choose what comes’, lecturer, pediatrician and divulgador, Carlos Casabona is a specialist in pedagogy nutritional that expects fight the registrations rates of childhood obesity with the weapon of the education.
How are in Spain with regard to other countries as for diet?

The thing is a bit ill. In the studies that have fact on the foodstuff of which take out the energy our childhood, the classification not is very nice. Have to the bread, the first; the bakery and cookies and cake shop, the second; the third party, the meat, and, know where are the fruits, the vegetables and the vegetables? In the 13th and 14th position. The legumes, in the 20th. The cold meat, in the 5th. That is, that the energy sources of where take out our childhood, and the adults also, not are the more advisable. Want launch also a positive message, that something is changing when see in nets that no longer is friki the boy that takes the sandwich with the hummus or the one which takes a pear and not takes the buns or the juice. Have to invest what happened does some years, that talked of the Mediterranean diet. What good is the Mediterranean diet, the countries as Spain, Greece, Malta, Italy, all that is the Mediterranean basin, what good eat, and what ill eat in the northern Europe, with so much fat, with so much meat and so much milk one. In the last congress that had in Vienna on obesity, had a study, and thus it certified also one of the researchers from the WHO, that said that the figures in Denmark, in Norway, in the nordic countries, of childhood obesity are a lot of lower that in the Mediterranean basin. What have done ill? As has lost the Mediterranean diet, in favor of more hyperprocessed products, the fruits and vegetables us costs eat them. I hear, many times: «Is that the boy not eats fruit, not eats vegetables», and you ask to the family: «And you eat?», «Not, is that to me not like », that is basic. Owe give example. The example is the only way that have of educate. Not is useful talk, is useful act. Have to eat it to you with naturalness and in a daily way. Returning to the study, have to the Mediterranean diet has relocated to the northern Europe, and we are eating ill. But the message is upbeat. Feed that all, from teachers in the schools, the physical educators, the sanitary ones, the dietitians-nutritionists, the psychologists, go rowing in favor of a childhood that, expect, lively more than we. Is countries as Japan, that is one of the countries with fewer obesity incident and overweight child and also full-grown, already in 1954, had laws in which did that the dietitians-nutritionists were supporting in the schools the menus and gave kinds of nutrition to the children.

"A recent survey has determined that eat three times a week in family reduces the risk of obesity".

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