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"If deprive to the children of the art and the culture, what world go to build?".

Key for learn to talk in public

Many countries have the theater as subject compulsory. I believe that is a thing that everybody owe do some time in the life. But in the childhood, with the nippers, is a moment difficult because not have tools for get around in the life. I have given lessons to children and to girls. Them not have enough tools. And is many pudores, is a moment in which face up to it exterior when have your world at home, more or less comfortable. The theater you allows, first, enter contact the others in a sincere way. This is a curious thing of explain. When you are in the cole, you share what can share in the school. But when are doing theater, the first thing that have to share is fear, emotion. Vas to work with your emotions, with your meaning of the ridiculous one. To lose the meaning of the ridiculous one.

The right to the error, the teachings theatrical you it allow constantly. Actually, the base of the theater is the error. For learn is necessary to make mistakes in order do it good, the error, wisdom, error, investigate how be able to do it better. Whereupon, them opens thead, them removes the fear. I memory that, giving lessons, had a boy that was, say, the malote of the group. Had a chavalín that was as the cockiest one of all. The others you had a certain fear. When he released a joke, all laughed. Then, I decided give him the character more serious, the more sensitive, the one which was sadder. And discovered, within him, that that not only you did not lose authority within your partners, but them showed to the rest of them a facet that not knew that had, and that did that the rest of them you wanted real, or you admired real. Because the youngster it took very in earnest and started to work with a lot of dedication. Whereupon, started to be leader otherwise, of a way a lot of more honest, because cried, because was able to cry in front of your friends. And that was as a carom, that was passing to the rest of them. Good, in that occasion, I had a problem with the teachers because the children wanted stop give all kind of lessons, of any other activity, because only wanted give the kinds of theater. Them opens lots of paths, most notably in the mind. And in your way of relate with the others, and lose the shame.

Do lots of things, or stopped do them, because us gives embarrassment, because us gives shame. “I not go to be able to do this”. Why not? Made The dream of a night of Shakespeare's summer. Inevitably, start to talk of mythology, to talk from Shakespeare as author, not only theatrical, start to talk of your period. Whereupon, start to learn a heap of things collateral that have to see with the general education, but that the see through them, through your own body. And them awake the curiosity of an unbelievable way. And then start to learn that, without the other, you not are nothing, and that also is important. Not is be the best one, is be a good link strong within a chain strong. And way a team, way a group where all help to all, and delete rivalries.

In 99% of occasions an actor not talks with your own voice, talks through a character. Whereupon, I know what have to say, already me it have learnt. And not it say I, it says she or he. That you removes one half of the problem. I understand that talk is when face up to a series of people that me are watching and not have a guion written, not know what go to say, and am I talking. This time am I, not is a character. The first thing that believe that one has to assume when goes to talk in public is that puts nervous. None want do the ridiculous one. A thing is that have habit of do it and another thing is that not gives fear. Gives fear always, and this is a thing that to me me seems that is necessary to assume. On the other hand, is good know that not passes nothing if make mistakes, that not passes nothing if stay blank. Nobody leaves to die. The only risk is your own fear to do the fool or to do the ridiculous one, the level that you put on to you same, the lath. Believe that is a thing that sometimes us costs also think when talk in public, and is that the people that is there is prepared to listen.

One of the major challenges of talk in public is achieve the attention. Capture. And the only way of capture the attention is give. Give. Is an act of generosity. And that note a lot in the politicians. Not it have noticed, when a politician not talks for us? Does thus, puts the gaze towards adentro and is talking for him or for a mass.

Talk in public is an act of generosity. “Have something for give you”. And from that moment on, the people comes with you. Unless say one sandez. Or a thing at the wrong time. Believe that talk in public is a thing of a mister or a lady in front of other that not there are or that are a mass. Not, are individuals, one and other ones, and that have your interest. When stop think in that start to communicate with the other, to breathe and to be a human being more than has something that share, nothing else. Is nice, hey? Because if it see from there you removes part of the fear.

More than Blanca Portillo

Graduate for the Actual Drama School and Dances, Blanca Portillo is actress, director and producer. Won the National Prize of Theater in 2012 and also has a Max to the best address of scene for the work ‘La avería’. Moreover, is very well-known for have interpreted different papers so much in movies, as in television.
What believe that is more important; the talent or the effort?

My schoolteacher, Pepe Estruch, said that not everybody has talent for be actor. I never have big-head in the talent. Actually, rebeled against that when was young girl. I you said: “The talent not there is, the talent is a nonsense”. And he me said: “Not, all have a talent. Is necessary to discover for what”. In other words, for be actor is necessary to have a talent specific. But all have one, the luck is discover for what. What is interesting in the life is discover for what are made, for what have born. Sometimes you pawn in things that not have nothing to do with your talent natural. And that is what my schoolteacher said that produces a deep frustration and a deep pain, even. He said provided that an actor has to form, and with education can arrive to be a good actor. If have talent and not you ways, your talent disappears. And if have talent and you ways, are the bomb. As never believed in that, me dedicated to study as the madwomen, to do all that was necessary to do. As the years go by catch on that yes that there is. Some people has a flair for do what does. But can have a flair for be the best cook or for be the best teacher, or for be what is. The fortune is that is who it finds and the misfortune is that some people not it finds. I believe that not made mistakes. I not know if have talent for this, but yes have seen to people suffer for do something that to me not me cost a lot. And never it understood.

"Before the fear to talk in public is good know that not passes nothing if make mistakes or stay blank ".

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