The app that you support to search story of a different way.

Download it, whether you are a BBVA customer or not.

Is some housing available in your neighborhood favorite?

Focuses with the chamber the house that like, and discovers through augmented reality if is available in Idealist, so much if want buy or rent. Moreover, you offer very useful information so that can take better decision-makings.

A map intelligent that you support to choose.

With BBVA's map Considers View be able to check what areas conform to your budget.

Additionally can sail and find your future house in the area that more are interested in.

Guarda your favorites.

Can mark your housings favorite and consult the details when want.

Knows the approximate price of purchase or rent of a house.

This information is an approximation of the value maison * and obtains from:

  • The cadastral information of the housing.
  • Offers published for similar homes nearby.

What is the neighborhood like?

Be able to know:

  • How many properties there are in the selected area, their prices and average surface areas.
  • Number of housings for sale in the area with regard to the total.
  • Evolution of the estimated sale price per m2.
  • Types of real estate in the area

Starts to search your new story.

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Download it, whether you are a BBVA customer or not.