BBVA mortgages

With the BBVA Fixed-Rate Mortgage you will pay the same amount every month for your mortgage repayment, with no surprises. So you will be able to look after those who matter most.


No notarial, management, registry and valuation fees.

No commitment fee

Variable rate from
euribor +0.99
(Variable APR 1.712 %)

First year from 1.99 % NIR

FIXED-RATE mortgage

No notarial, management, registry and valuation fees.

No commitment fee

Fixed rate from
1.95 % NIR (APR 2.652 %)

Compare our mortgages with a single calculation

Mortgage calculator

Before you apply for one, calculate the installment amounts and payment terms for the loan, as well as the expenses associated with the purchase and the mortgage.

Calculate your paymentabout the mortgage calculator

BBVA Valora

Find out the approximate purchase price of a house using BBVA Valora.

Analyze a propertyabout BBVA Valora

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