BBVA Motor+ Credit Card

BBVA Motor+ Credit Card

Finance your expenses and enjoy discounts with this credit card.

It also includes exclusive services such as personal and medical assistance.
  • 2% discount on fuel at Repsol Group service stations.
  • Roadside assistance and replacement vehicle.
  • Handling of traffic fines and legal support.

Decide how to organize your spending

  • The BBVA Motor+ Credit Card lets you make payments and withdraw cash as long as you don't go over the limit set by the bank. Choose how you want to pay the money back:

    • Paying your bills on the 5th of the following month (without interest).
    • Paying a fixed amount (with interest).
    • Personalizing the payment over 3 to 6 months (with no interest and a deferred payment processing fee based on the deferred amount and period) and over 7 to 36 months (with interest).

    View the process and examples

You have access to more than 6,000 ATMs throughout Spain.

Exclusive discounts and services

  • The BBVA Motor+ Credit Card allows you to:
    • Save on fuel thanks to the 2% discount when you use it to pay at Repsol, Campsa and Petronor gas stations.
    • Access exclusive services in collaboration with Autoclub Mutua:

    - Roadside assistance throughout Europe.

    - Replacement vehicle due to breakdown, accident or theft.

    - Personal and health travel assistance (for account holder and companions).

    - Program of management of fines, legal defense, and legal support.

    • Get accident insurance of up to €500,000.

With the advantages of being with BBVA

  • With the BBVA Motor+ Credit Card you will also obtain:

    • ATM security.

    If you're robbed at an ATM, the insurance will cover up to €600 per event, up to a maximum of €1,200 per card per year.

    See insurance terms and conditions

Add the card to your smartphone from the BBVA app and pay directly with your phone.

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