What does it cover?

  • Protection for your assets
    • Mugging outside the home. 
    • Burglary inside the home (robbery, theft).
    • Damage caused to contents by theft. 
    • Refrigerated or frozen goods when a fault in the household appliance or electricity supply is caused by a covered event.
    • Assets insured in the rented property that have been transferred to another temporary residence.
    • Damage caused by electricity (voltage or current surge).
    • Fraudulent use of credit cards in the first 24 hours.
    • Replacement costs for documents damaged by a covered risk.
    Protection for you
    • Civil liability within the property: we will compensate the owner for any accidental damage that you may cause as a tenant.
    • Non-contractual civil liability: Up to €200,000 to cover liability for any damage you cause to third parties in your private life (excluding work or professional activity).
    Protection for the property
    • Lock replacement due to theft of keys (robbery or theft).
    • Courtesy home (hotel, food and laundry expenses up to 7 days).
    • Special guarantee for damage to the home:
      • Fire, explosion and lightning.
      • Flooding and damage from liquids.
      • Heavy rain, strong wind, hail or snow.
      • Breakage of windows, marble, sanitary ware and vitroceramic hobs. 
      • Waves or impacts from the outside. 
      • Damage to the property caused by electricity (voltage or current spikes).
    • Aesthetic restoration expenses.