You also get additional services

    • Manitas Service (91 836 20 90) to help you with small home repairs or DIY (6 hours a year maximum, distributed over 3 visits).
    • Home and online computer assistance: answers to your questions related to your computers, tablets or smartphones. You can check all the information on the Technology Assistance Portal.
    • Maintenance service for wear and tear, to help you with the small day-to-day repairs. 
    • Payment in our offices for expenses derived from losses due to:
      • Broken glass, water damage, and fire for a maximum amount of €1,500.
      • Damage to refrigerated goods for a maximum amount of €600. 

    For example, if your freezer breaks and you lose your groceries, you can bring the bill to our branches and we will pay it immediately. The amount of the bill must be under €600. At least three months must have passed since you took out your insurance and since the payment of any previous claim. 

    And because you never know when you might need us, you will enjoy a special service in the event of an incident, which will answer your call in a fast, agile and effective manner: service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in the event of a claim. 

    You can also purchase two other services

    • Repair service for household appliances for the washing machine, dishwasher or fridge. 
    • Express Service: we will come even faster in the event of a breakdown in the home. If we fail to meet our obligations, we will reimburse your insurance premium for the current year in the next annual renewal.