BBVA Vivienda Insurance for High End Properties

A single format with comprehensive coverage, including theft.

  • Dispatching emergency services to your home at no extra cost. 
  • Specific coverage for works of art and valuables.
  • Option to insure several properties on the same policy.

What does it cover?

  • Comprehensive coverage
    This product gives you comprehensive property damage coverage in a single policy.

    By way of example, the following coverage is included in the policy: fire, explosion, lightning and smoke damage, water damage, damage caused by electricity, theft, replacement housing, employer liability for domestic employees and any other damages that are not excluded from the policy.


    Specific coverage for jewelry, objects of value and works of art
    • Jewelry and objects of value are covered against accidental damage, burglary or theft from within the home, or robbery (not theft) outside the home.
    • Works of art are covered against accidental damage and robbery or theft from within the home.

    You must declare the value of your belongings when you take out an insurance policy to make sure they are properly insured. If you do this, you won't have to pay a €500 deductible for each claim you make (for more information, please view the "Features" section). 

What extra services does it offer?

  • From the moment you take out your BBVA Vivienda Insurance for High End Properties, you will be able to have the following emergency services sent to your home at no extra cost: 

    • Emergency plumber: when damage to fixed water pipes impedes supply or results in the stopcock having to be closed off. 
    • Emergency electrician: when there is a power outage due to a fault in private electrical facilities. 
    • Emergency locksmith: when it is necessary to change a lock on the door to a property as a result of burglary, attempted burglary or the loss of a key. 
    • Emergency window-fitter: when it is necessary to urgently replace a window in the property to prevent access following a fire, explosion or burglary, or because it has been accidentally broken.


  • What are the main features?
    • This type of insurance policy is intended for people who own main or secondary homes in Spain of more than 300 m2 and that have more than EUR 120,000 of insured contents.
    • It provides a single point of comprehensive coverage for property damage due to external causes, including theft. This means there is no need to take out any type of additional coverage.
    • This policy includes specific coverage for jewelry, objects of value and works of art, whose value must be declared when the policy is taken out.
    • The policy is renewable on an annual basis.
    • You can insure several homes on the same policy.
    • You will be covered and you will not have to bear any additional cost per claim in all these cases:
      • Claims total more than EUR 10,000. 
      • When you have declared the value of jewelry, objects of special value and works of art and you have to use their specific coverage. 
      • You require emergency services to be dispatched to your home. 

    You will have to pay a €500 deductible only if you submit a claim of less than €10,000. For example, if you submit a claim for €7,500 to cover a broken window, you will have to pay €500 for the damage to be repaired and the rest will be covered by your insurance policy.

    If you have any queries, please consult your personal adviser.

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