BBVA Third-Party Car Insurance

The coverage you need to make sure that your car is always protected.

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  • We take your car for its technical test or to the workshop at no cost during the first year.
  • More than 600 trusted workshops for you to choose from freely. 
  • Possibility to insure against window damage, theft and fire. 

What does this insurance cover?

  •  With BBVA's Third-Party Car Insurance you will have the following coverages:
    • Free choice of workshop for repairs.
    • Public liability insurance from driving the vehicle.
    • Healthcare assistance in the event of accident, guaranteed up to one year after the incident for the driver and passengers.
    • Indemnity for permanent disability or death resulting from an accident for the driver and passengers.
    • Tow or mobile repair roadside for your vehicle from wherever you are.
    • Protection as pedestrian and cyclist in the event of causing an accident with third-party damage.
    • Coverage of all extras included in the car when it leaves the dealership.
    • Processing of fines and appeals through official channels.
    • Legal defense and bonds.

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And you can add

  • You can expand your insurance and add the following coverage options:
    • Breakage of windows
    • Broken windows + Compensation for theft or fire of 100% of the value in the event of total loss if your car is less than 1 year old, or of 100% of the market value for cars over 1 year old.

    Moreover, if you take out one of these two coverages you can complete your insurance with these packs:

What are the requirements?

  • Requirements
    • Be over 21 years old.
    • Have had your driver's license for at least 2 years.

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