Advantages and benefits of being a BBVA customer

Wherever you are in life, we'll always be by your side

We will help you with whatever you need, whether it's investing, buying a new house, paying for your children's education, or purchasing a new car, so you can have more control over your money.

We offer free assistance with changing your paycheck, bills, or entire account through our Bank Switching Service.

Does this sound messy? We have thought of everything to make it as easy as possible

  • Worry-free

    Without providing documents, without leaving the house and without talking to your other bank.
  • You decide what to bring

    Paycheck, pension, bills, transfers... You can even close your other account.
  • We'll do it for you

    We will contact your other bank and the people who pay you to securely handle the change. Feel free to contact us with your inquiries at 919190141

With the advantages of direct depositing your paycheck at BBVA, we will support you through all of life's endeavors

Get into the habit of saving

Simplify your saving process effortlessly by activating personalized and automatic saving rules.

Make better decisions with your money

We'll give you helpful information to help you make smarter financial decisions and improve your finances.

If you want a house, we'll improve your mortgage

You will have special interest rate conditions if you have your income deposited directly with BBVA.

An unexpected expense? We are there to help

You can get a Salary Advance and repay it within 6 months. This will help you cover the unexpected expense.

You can find all the information about your account conditions in the app

To check if you pay account fees and calculate the impact of bringing your income to your private area, go to Menu > Experiences > Account conditions in the app.

You can watch a video to understand how it works. 

And remember, you will always have a team of professionals at your side

Because we're a bank made up of people. Whenever you need expert help, you'll have your team available to talk one on one. As if you were at your branch, wherever you are.

We adapt to your situation to move forward with you.

You can transfer your existing mortgage to BBVA and enjoy benefits

We will guide you every step of the way during the mortgage switching of lender process. If your income is directly deposited with BBVA, we can improve the interest rate to offer you better conditions.

You can simulate your BBVA installment in just one minute if you want.

Si perteneces a un colectivo profesional, traer tu nómina es aún mejor 

We offer special conditions tailored to the specific needs of each profession.

Do you want to get more from BBVA?

Bring your income in less than 3 minutes.

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