Your financial cushion with BBVA Bconomy

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Paula wanted to begin the personal project she had always dreamed of. BBVA Bconomy showed her the financial freedom she had and helped her to improve it.


She was able to determine her savings capacity and see that she could improve her financial health even more and live more at ease.
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She compared her spending in restaurants compared to other people like her and she changed to having dinner at home with friends. That's how she reduced her variable expenses.
Your financial cushion with BBVA Bconomy 2


BBVA Bconomy showed her that she was gaining greater economic freedom and that her financial cushion was growing.
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As a result

She could live the life she had always wanted. Because the more you know, the better decisions you can make.
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And you, what life would you like to live?

Go for it, with BBVA Bconomy

Many people have achieved their goals by managing their personal finances better

  • She opened her own business and made her dreams come true thanks to the financial cushion she gained with BBVA Bconomy.
  • With BBVA Bconomy, he compared how much he paid for electricity versus what other people like him paid, and found the best option.
  • Marga planned a surprise party for her husband since, with BBVA Bconomy, she knew what their income and expenses would be for the following month.