Work from home: another way of budgeting

If have the possibility of carry out your work from house, can combine the work life with the care of the baby without have to reduce your income

To all the parents us results difficult leave to a baby of barely four months in the care of another person, whether in the nursery, with a kangaroo or with the grandparents. The problem is that the mainconciliation measures that contemplates the law (leave of absence and reduction in working hours) entail a reduction of the income and not everybody can allow it to him. A solution for reconcile work and family can be work from house.

With the boom of the liberal professions and the most modern technologies of communication, now many parents and mothers are self-employed workers and combine the fatherhood or the maternity with the work from house.

On the other hand, some companies facilitate the telecommuting to your employees. According to a study reported in February 2017 for the International Labor Organization (ILO) and Eurofound, in Spain offer this option 13% of the companies.

Maybe is the moment of learn more about if in your company there is this possibility and if not the is, of pose it. All is try it.

One hour of nursing leave

The father or mother can take one hour of nursing leave during the working day, two half-hours throughout the day, or a half-hour reduction in start or finishing time until the child is 9 months old.

The majority of parents tend to choose a half-hour reduction in start or finishing time. The hour of leave (or two half-hours) is interesting, above all, if the baby is nearby the workplace and the mother has time to feed them, or if the father or someone else can bring the baby to work so the mother can breastfeed during her break.

The leave is enjoyed whether the baby is breast or formula fed, because its purpose is to care for the child.

How organize for work at home

Work from house has many advantages, but also can have some disadvantages if one not organizes good or not know put limits.

Not is enough with be at home and work there, but is necessary to establish some norms so that all the environment - coworkers, couple, children, relatives and even friends - respects the work time and the option benefits to all the implicated ones (company, worker and family).

1. Set a schedule and try respect it

  • Is advisable that every day is organized of the way more predictable possible. Fixed schedules for every task work (feed and dress to the baby, do the food, work…), taking into account that with a baby emerge unforeseen events and is necessary to take care of them.
  • It ideal is do the housework earlier or after the schedule set for work, but not within this. Not is very operational reply to an e-mail while kitchen or empty the washer. If do two things at the same time, is possible that some not goes out good.
  • Suits make good use of the naps of the baby for carry out the task works that demand higher concentration. Always gives up more if runs away with a while dedicated to the same task work.

2. Ask for to the environment that respects your working hours

Is necessary to leave clear to the environment (family, friends) that is basic that respect your work schedule.

  • The fact of that are at home not means that are available for receive visits to average tomorrow or dedicate you to do errands. Explain them that not be able to do it if worked was and that working at home happens the same thing.
  • If have older children, that already understand, suits explain them that the fact of that now work at home not means that are available to the a hundred per cent all the time. Count them that have decided work at home in order take care better of the family, but that have to do the work that earlier did was and need concentrate you.

3. Work the right times

The study of the ILO also points out that the people that work at home tend to lengthen your working day. Is necessary to try conform as far as possible to a number of hours and, above all, do the breaks necessary, for example, for go out of avenue with the baby.

4. Have a space exclusively for working

Although the house is small, suits reserve a space exclusive, comfortable and with good illumination, for carry out the work and leave there the material and the documents. In a space own you concentrate better. 

Can have to the baby with you knocked down in one hamaquita and later, when remains sat, in a park or freezing of bank accounts with toys so that is entertaining.

5. Put on work clothing

To the work at home runs the danger of end working in pajamas and eat anything for go out of the step. Not is necessary put on suit, but is good for the self-esteem dress up with clothes of street and also so that the rest of them take in earnest your work.

6. Have care of not isolate

So much time tucked at home with a baby can do that is at risk the "relationship with the adults". Suits rotate with the couple in order carry out activities out of house and reserve a daily time only for self.

Fulfill all these objectives not is easy. The baby have untroubled days and days more restless in which sue more your attention and your care is the first thing. Is possible that some days have to work out of hours, even at night in order concentrate you good. But, in return, thinks that are seeing grow to your baby. Have fence to your son is the best incentive for work.