Should I take out private health insurance?

Maybe you are thinking about taking out private health insurance to add to your Social Security health cover

With a baby at home, visits to the doctor are frequent. During the first year you have to take them to the pediatrician regularly to check their progress and, while you're there, resolve any questions that arise. We also go as soon as the baby falls ill, as they are so small that we often lose sleep over their health. In the public health system, you have guaranteed 24/7 assistance, but some parents also choose to take out private health insurance to supplement this care.

The features of private health insurance are:

1. They offer a varied medical team and different health care centers to be able to choose the doctor and time that best suits each person's needs.

2. You can go to the specialist without having to go to the family doctor beforehand.

3. Seeing the specialist without going to the family doctor beforehand, often reduces the time needed to get a diagnosis.

4. Admission is always in single rooms.

5. Some insurers have a 24-hour telephone service which you can call to resolve questions and decide if you need to go to the doctors or to the hospital or not.

6. Some insurers offer personalized care, for example: a nurse visits the parents to remind them about the baby's medical checkups.

7. Some insurance includes dental coverage or offers the possibility of adding it as a small extra. This can be useful as dental treatments are often expensive.

Before taking out health insurance, you should find out everything you can about the coverage and possible copayments and choose the type that suits you best.

8. Many insurers have coverage outside of Spain, a useful option if you travel abroad. In the European Union, Social Security covers healthcare with the European Health Card, which can be requested by appointment at a Social Security Service and Information Center (CAISS), but outside Europe you need private insurance.

9. Insurers usually have different types of contracts (with or without excess, with or without medical tests, etc.) so that the user can adjust the price of the insurance to their financial situation.