Changing homes before the baby arrives

A new member in the family requires a lot of space; that's why you cannot rule out moving to a larger house

The arrival of a newborn baby turns the house upside down. Interestingly, despite being so tiny, babies need a mountain of stuff: a cradle, a Moses basket for the first few months, a bathtub and changing unit, a pram, highchair… Just look at the difference between the living room (where we spend most of our time) of a couple without children (which is usually spotless) and the living room of a family with a baby or more children (which will be full of games or forced to accommodate a Moses basket, highchair or playpen).

For that reason, while you are pregnant it is worth thinking about how you will use the space and how to prepare the house for a new baby.

In the beginning, it makes sense for the baby to sleep in the same room as the parents. Also, for the first few months the newborn feels more protected in a carrycot or Moses basket, which are smaller and easier to transport than a cradle.

After six months, babies can start to sleep in a cradle in their own room (although, the decision about when to move a baby to its own room is very personal and mainly depends on its needs).

  • The cradle must be put in a safe location (far from any blind cords, radiators, shelves...) and away from drafts.
  • In the nursery there should be as much open space as possible so they can play freely. 

The house itself must also be made safe and protected, as when the baby is able to move independently (either crawling or walking), it will be very curious and will want to touch everything. 

  • It is a good idea to put child locks on doors and drawers and protective covers on sharp corners and the edges of furniture.
  • The kitchen and the bathroom are the most dangerous places. It's a good idea to store cleaning products and medications in a high place so the baby can't reach them.
  • If necessary, install a baby gate at the entrance of the kitchen and bathroom (children love to play with water).

A new house for the baby?

Some couples think about moving house when a new baby arrives, usually because they run out of space in their current home. When choosing a new house, it's a good idea to take into account what services there are in the area that the baby might need, such as a health center, nursery and schools (although, you still have time to choose where to send your child to school). When arranging your new home, be sure to bear all the above safety advice in mind. BBVA has the tools to help if you have to move house when a new baby arrives, such as Valora, an online home appraisal tool that helps to make sure you have the right price for your new home.

Specifically, BBVA Valora:

  • Helps you to find an approximate price for buying or selling a house: the search engine offers cadastral information on the property and includes offers for similar local houses.
  • Provides information about the neighborhood: how many properties are for sale in the area, how much they cost and how big they are. It also shows how many properties are for sale in relation to the total number of properties in the neighborhood. This is important, because the greater the offer, the more room there is for price negotiation.
  • It helps you to crunch the numbers: thanks to simulators included in the tool, you can choose the mortgage that is best adapted to your financial capacity, and also find out the costs associated with the purchase and the mortgage.
When your baby starts to crawl, it is advisable for parents themselves to crawl around to house to make sure that, at that height, there are no hazards for the baby

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