How to save on baby-related expenses

We are going to give you some advice on how to lower the high price that comes with a new family member

There is a popular Spanish proverb that says “children arrive with a loaf of bread under their arm,” but that is not the case as much as we might like it to be. Babies bring much joy, but also many expenses, sometimes very high.

1. Basic equipment

Newborns need a heap of adapted paraphernalia to make them comfortable and safe, which are not exactly cheap: cradle, rocker, pram, car seat, baby bath... It is possible to save money on baby accessories? Yes, some options are more affordable than others.

A cradle is all you need

It is true that during the first few months, the baby tends to be in a travel cot or bassinet, but if you want to save money and you have no one to lend you one, you can use a cradle straight away.

  • The travel cot and bassinet are so small that you use them for barely three or four months.
  • If you think the cradle is too big, or you want to keep your baby close during the day, you can use the carrycot from your stroller for naps at home.

The baby carrier can be used as a rocker

There comes a time when the baby gets bored in their cradle and wants to see their mom and dad. Rockers come in handy to keep them nearby. They are not expensive, but the baby carrier for the stroller or car seat can do the same job, since the curved bottom allows it to rock.

Bath-changer: more economical separately

If there is something that frightens new parents it is bathing a newborn, because it seems like you don't have enough hands to hold them. Bath-changers with legs (with a lid with a thick plastic changing mat on top) make the task easier, but take up quite a lot of space and not are cheap.

  • To save money you can buy a folding changer (which you will need when you are out and about) and change the baby on a high table. If you change them on the bed, do it while sitting to save your back.
  • For bathing, there are plenty of more affordable options than the bath-changer: rockers that hold to the baby in the bathtub, ergonomic tubs, inflatable tubs (very useful when traveling) and even folding tubs that can be used for several years.

Stroller: think about size and how long you will use it

When you choose the stroller or pram, think about whether you need large wheels for the countryside, whether it will fit in an elevator or in the trunk of the car... It is important to consider all that so that you do not have to change model at some point.

  • If the baby is born in winter, it is more protected in the stroller's bassinet, although baby carriers have accessories (bag, protective plastic...) to make sure your baby does not get cold and, in addition, they work as a car seat for several months (the stroller bassinets can be used too but for less time).
  • If the baby is born at the end of spring or the beginning of summer, you can forget the stroller bassinet if you choose a fully reclining stroller.

2. Food

Until a few years ago, a baby's diet was a major expense, because baby food is quite a lot more expensive than adult food.

However, if you follow the WHO recommendation to exclusive breastfeed for the first six months, and give other foods up to two years, the cost saving is significant.

Additional food can be given in the form of home-made purees, or through Baby Led Weaning, where the baby is left to try familiar foods, which is popular among new parents.

If you are scared of your baby choking and you prefer to give them purified food, a highly practical option is to prepare puree for multiple days and to freeze them in glass jars. Don't include potato because it does not freeze well. If you need it urgently, you can defrost it in a few minutes in a bain-marie on a low heat.

3. Diapers

If there is a significant and long-lasting expense, it is diapers. To save money, try to buy them when they are on a promotion: 3 for 2, 2nd pack half price, etc. Be careful not to stockpile, because babies grow very quickly and before you realize, your child will be using a larger size.

Another option is use ecological diapers, which are more modern and absorbent than the cloth diapers used by our mothers. They are much cheaper as they can be reused, but they have the drawback that they have to be washed.

4. Clothing

Babies grow very fast so it is not worth spending a lot on clothes.

Wait to receive all the gifts: clothing is a popular gift when a baby is born.

If in doubt, buy a larger size. As such, your child will be able to use it for longer.

Take advantage of the sales to buy items that can be used at any time of year (t-shirts, baby grows, socks...).