2020 Prospects

The future, our assets more important

  • Rafael Doménech, person responsible for economic analysis of BBVA Research, presents main factors that determine the near future of the world economy.
  • Enrique Marazuela, director of investments of BBVA Private Banking, anticipates the bases that mark the evolution of the markets in 2020.
  • The managers international Robeco, Morgan Stanley, Pictet, Allianz and Axa give your vision on the tendencies in increase based on sustainability.
  • Belén García-Moya, director of counseling and high heritage of BBVA Private Banking, explains the importance of the megatendencies in BBVA's investment proposal in the means and long term.
Private Banking
The BBVA Private Banking identifies your objectives with the aim of set out to a strategy of investment personalized.
Until 10,000€ for bring your fund
Goes through to BBVA a fund of another company and obtain up to 1.5% of the amount gone through.
Until 10,000€ for bring your fund Find out more