BBVA SmartPay

Don't miss out on a single sale! Accept payments by card using your cell phone.
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Make it easy to pay for your products with a cell phone thanks to BBVA SmartPay.

Only need get off the app and request your card reader of pocket.
  • Simple and fast.
  • No need to have cash with you. 
  • Anywhere. 

What is BBVA SmartPay?

  • The tool that you allows charge with card through your cell phone or tablet and a card reader so that do grow your business wherever you are .

    It is convenient and very easy to use; Simply download the application and request your pocket card reader by filling out this form or calling 902 22 44 68. In this way, you can charge your customers without the need for change or cash and send them the purchase receipt by email. 

    Sign up for just €6 a month*, with no extra charges or maintenance fees. Not only that, if you do it before December 31, 2017, the first two payments are free.

    *Fee valid for carrying out transactions with a turnover of up to €10,000 a year. Above this figure a discount rate of 1.10% will be charged. The second terminal and thereafter will have a minimum maintenance cost of €3/month per terminal.

Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app

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