BBVA Valora

Discover how much your home may be worth, and analyze other information related to your home.
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Get a clearer picture of what you need to know about your home.

  • Useful information for buying or renting. 
  • Get an approximate purchase price for your new home.
  • Track your expenses. 

What is Valora?

  • With BBVA Valora, you will know the approximate purchase price of your new house, you will see the prices of similar properties in the area and find out how this purchase might affect your finances. If you are planning to buy or rent a house, BBVA Valora will provide you with important information for making a decision. 

    Plus, now it allows you to control your expenses, to plan for renovations and the renewal of appliances and to view all of the terms and conditions of your BBVA insurance and mortgage in one place.

    * BBVA Valora is a service of the BBVA Group. It consists of three tools: how much it is worth, what the neighborhood is like -owned by Madiva Soluciones, S.L.- and how to do your numbers -owned by BBVA, S.A. Madiva Soluciones, S.L. is a technological company of the BBVA Group, which provides tools and solutions for data analysis. Through its Madiva technology it generates information from different sources and by combining it with algorithms it offers useful information about several sectors, among them real estate.

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