BBVA Valora View

Aim your smartphone camera at the buildings around you and find out what apartments are on sale.
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Is there any available housing in your favorite neighborhood?

Focus the camera on the house that you like and, using augmented reality, find out if it is available on Idealista, either to rent or buy.

It also offers useful information so you can make better decisions.

A smart map that helps you choose

With the BBVA Valora View map, you will be able to check which areas fit your budget.

You can also browse and find your future home on the specific area that you are most interested in.

Save your favorites

You can flag your favorite homes and get more details whenever you want.

What is the neighborhood like?

You will be able to see:

- How many residences there are in the selected area, their average price and surface area, etc.

- Number of homes for sale in the area with respect to the total.

- Trend in the estimated selling price per m2.

- Types of properties in the area.

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More information

BBVA Valora View is a BBVA app in collaboration with Madiva Soluciones, S.A., and idealista. The data provided are informative and do not constitute advice or a recommendation for banking products or services. As a user, we give you information so you can make your own decision."

Madiva Soluciones, S.L. is a technological company of the BBVA Group, which provides tools and solutions for data analysis. Madiva uses its technology to generate information based on sources accessible to the public, and it uses its combination of algorithms to offer information of interest to various sectors, including real estate.

With respect to the tools 'how much it can be worth' and 'what the neighborhood is like', Madiva Soluciones, S.L.: all the information is acquired from the property's registry information; the Property Registry is the official registry of all property, including housing, commercial premises and lots. Madiva Soluciones, S.L. obtains the data from this register for homes of the whole of Spain, except for the Basque Country and Navarre. These two autonomous communities have their own systems for calculating the cadastral value (one for each Autonomous region), and they currently have no online consultation.

The prices shown are not an official appraisal, whereby a professional visits the property and analyzes its state of conservation and characteristics to determine the value. It also excludes aspects that modify the value, such as the state of conservation, special characteristics (views, height or waterfront property), or installations (garden, swimming pool and other services).