Do you want to work with robots? This is what you need to study

Although does just some years had been unthinkable, today those old premises exploited for the films of science fiction seem have become a reality. Us are relating to the famous development of the robotics and, above all, to the popularization of this kind of machines in fields that go beyond the industry and that not stops grow.

Such is thus, that constitutes an excellent professionalization area, with some very interesting job prospects. However, know what owe study for specialize you not is a question simple. Pick up those careers, masters and courses that you result of profit and you allow achieve it.

Not lose of view

The first thing that owe know is that, as in any other discipline, all depend on the branch that prefer. That is, a robot can be of very different ways (humanoid, be reasoned for business ends, and so on) and has parts of design, electronics, hardware and software. The crux of the matter lie in which of they want center you.

For example, the robotics industrial is focused to the construction of machines that carry out mechanical works and repetitive, whereas the robotics of service centers on which carry out useful works for the society. The humanoid and the intelligent one look for develop robots with skills of reasoning and able to imitate the particularities of the human beings, respectively. And the robotics of exploration is the one which sees to carry out programs able to analyze documents in looks for of contents and patterns.

Moreover, and regardless of the one which choose, is more than probable that have to carry out several post graduate ones for specialize you in what like , for not talk of that every curriculum is different –resulta recommendable that it consult exhaustively beforehand, a bad choice be able to desmotivarte–. The above-mentioned which, these are some options.

Grado in Electronic Engineering, Robotics and Mecatrónica

For anyone who are about to enter the university, the alternative more complete is Grado in Electronic Engineering, Robotics and Mecatrónica, a career relatively recent in which deal with questions as the design of electronic devices, the support of communication of the companies, modeling and simulation of systems, the construction of robots with ends industrial and the maintenance of systems and electronic equipments and robotic.

So that you do an idea, the Mecatrónica combines four engineerings: the Electronics, the Mechanics, the Computer science and the Engineering of Control. Generally speaking complies with ends as automatize the machinery, create products intelligent, and homogenize and harmonize different electronic components and mechanics. Besides to the robotics can apply to other fields as the industry of the automation, the pharmacist, automotive, textile and other.

Grado in Electronics Industrial Engineering and Automatic

A bit fewer specific is Grado in Electronics Industrial Engineering and Automatic, that offer to the student the necessary knowledges for the development of systems that improve the industrial processes, not only from the point of view of the robotics, but also of the automobile industry, the medicine, and so on.

Is usually in the second half of this education when deals with the development of systems robotized. That one of control systems and automation, electronic and industrial and the engineering of facilities maintenance of this kind are other of your areas of interest. Has also parts of modeling and simulation of systems, virtual instrumentation and applied mechanic.

Other careers recommendable

If wish have a more varied fan of possibilities or, simply, want have the option of choose other alternatives, in the last Telecommunications courses include subjects of robotics. With Electrical Engineering and Engineering in Mechanics happens something similar.

For dedicate you to the software can study Grado in Computer Engineering, that has subjects of robotics industrial and similar. Is careers from which can study masters specific a posteriori without complications.

Do a master's degree specific

One of the alternatives maybe more aided of this list is do a master's degree. Here also have several possibilities. The is concentrating on the robotics and automation, but also for specialize in cybernetics and in Engineering Mecatrónica. And although arrived to this point is clear this third party, something different happens with the first two.

That one of robotics and automation centers on the tendencies in the industrial services robotics –la part in which the machines carry out useful task works for human beings in a more everydayfield –, and deals with also the applications of the mobile robotics. The approach is rather practical and requires have done Engineering Industrial, Telecommunications, Computer science, Technical Engineering Industrial or similar previously. Can do you an idea with the curriculum of that one of the UC3M.

The cybernetics studies and applies the systems of communication and regulation automatic of human beings and the applies to mechanical systems and electronic that resemble they. Is an ideal branch for anyone who are thinking in “manufacture” humanoids. The masters of cybernetics and robotics usually have parts of automation, engineering biomedical, micro-robotics, telerobotics, and autonomous robots. Additionally have subjects of virtual reality and increased, nanotecnología, modeling of systems, and mecatrónica.

Within the field of the robotics and having done the degree in Electronic Engineering, Robotics and Mecatrónica, be interesting do a master's degree advanced in Mechanical Engineering, Environmental, Systems of Electrical Energy and similar depending on our field preferred.

Courses on Artificial Intelligence, initiation to the Robotics and similar

For anyone who adore the programming, there are multitude of courses on Artificial Intelligence, a branch directly related to the robotics and with the “brain” of these machines. The courses in Robotics online and of initiation to the robotics enjoy also of wide acceptance and not require of an education previous so advanced.