How to change your job within the same company

What if your next job is in your own company? There are times when you don't need to change companies to jump up the ladder. The change may be because the bosses put you forward or because you take the initiative and apply for the vacant position.

But how can you that in a way that does not end up hurting you, and your current manager does not accuse of being disloyal? If you don't want this to happen to you, follow these simple steps.

Make sure you meet all the requirements.

The first thing you must do is confirm that you fit in the position. To do so, Beatriz Cabello, head of internal promotion at Adecco, recommends talking to your company's human resources department. Once you have all the information on the position, the next step is to inform your current manager about your intentions and explain the reason for the change.

Does the vacancy really exist?

Rumors are something that exists in all companies and are not always true. You must make sure that this position is real and, above all, official. You must also bear in mind that the vacancy may be advertised on job sites, but not be available internally. If this happens, Beatriz Cabello recommends talking to HR to find out why the vacancy is not visible internally.

Showing interest is never a bad thing

According to Beatriz, "showing interest in positions within our company, and wanting to take on new challenges, opportunities and responsibilities, cannot be seen badly." But even so, you must follow the channels that your company sets for these processes.

What if they don't choose me?

Beatriz recommends talking beforehand to the manager of the position you are interested in. If you follow the guidelines and "you are clear, saying at all times what phase of the process you are in," you should not worry if you end up not being chosen. In this case, the manager at Adecco recommends "knowing the feedback and the reasons you have not been selected thoroughly. This will help you to work and strengthen those areas where you may have deficiencies, and work on them for the future." Also remember that when a position opens internally, "any colleague interested in the position that meets the requirements for the position may apply to it." At this point, it is important that the whole process is carried out with healthy competition.

The time for change

If, on the contrary, the company chooses you for the change you have applied for, you may wonder if you also have to wait 15 days for your new position to materialize. It is normal for the company itself to have established a protocol for such occurrences. In any case, you will have to tell your colleagues of your job change, but this is something you must do in coordination with the current and future managers.