Supplies and subscriptions

Quickly and easily keep track of your recurring expenses.

All your fixed expenses in order

This way it is easier to keep track of so that your fixed expenses do not exceed 50% of your monthly income and you can redistribute the rest to variable expenses and savings. 
  • Consult your payments relating to electricity, water, gas, telephone in an orderly manner.
  • Check your spending on subscription services such as Amazon, Netflix, Spotify, etc. from the BBVA app.
  • Monitor the evolution of your average monthly and annual expenditure.

Easily check all your supplies and subscription services from the BBVA app

  • Payment of supplies

    Check your spending on services such as water, electricity and gas, among others, in a simple and organized way. And monitor their average performance during the year, as well as month to month.
  • Spending on subscription services

    You can see at a glance all the services you're subscribed to and their combined monthly and annual costs. You can also simulate how much you would save if you canceled one of them.

Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app

If you do not have it yet, download the BBVA app and access Supply and subscription services through the Financial Health icon, located in the menu below.