BBVA Negocios Account

The account for your professional activity.

If you are self-employed or an SME, this is your account.
  • Without fees for credit or debit card.
  • Without fees for standard transfers.
  • Without fees for issue and collection of national checks in euros.

What does it offer?

  • With the Negocios Account, you will be able to use the following services without fees:

    • A BBVA Negocios Card (credit or debit) without issue or maintenance fee for one credit or debit card. You can request one for each account holder and it must be approved by BBVA.
    • Checks in euros without fees for issue or for clearance and trading in Spanish banks.
    • No-fee standard transfers in Euros, Swedish krona or Romanian Leu within the European Economic Area if they are ordered from, the BBVA app, BBVA Net Cash and ATMs.

    Not including transfers made using magnetic media, FTOs (Funds Transfer Order), instant transfers and same-day value transfers. For transfers which are not included, accompanying expenses and transfer fees will apply.

Save on fees

  • The maintenance fee of the BBVA Negocios Account is €10/month, except for the first 3 calendar months after opening of the account, when the fee will be €0. However, if you meet at least two of the following requirements, this fee will not be applied.

    • Social Security: you must have made three payments during the three calendar months prior to each settlement.
    • Taxes: you must have made a payment of VAT, Business Tax, IRPF (Personal Income Tax) or Corporation Tax in the three previous calendar months.
    • Employee payroll: you must have made at least two single salary payments of over €600 during the three calendar months before each settlement.
Instant transfers with reduced cost
Open a BBVA Negocios Account and make instant transfers at a cost of €0.90 for self-employed workers and €1.50 for SMEs.

Request the BBVA Negocios Account