Small steps to protect your business

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 health crisis, at BBVA we have tried to help reduce any possible impact it has had on our customers' businesses, because we know that both large and small initiatives will see us overcome this situation. To do this, in addition to taking on the measures adopted by the Government, we have also extended small gestures to certain groups of customers, which you can see below:

We want to make things easier for you at this difficult time. That's why we're offering these solutions to make it easier to pay your BBVA Insurance policy:

  • Defer payment of your premium for 60 days, should you need to.
  • If you still are not paying in installments, you can request to pay every six months instead of annually.

You can request these measures for policies expiring in April, May, and June for the following types of insurance:

  • BBVA Directors and Officers Liability Insurance.
  • BBVA SegurNegocios.
  • BBVA Cyberseguro.
  • BBVA Autónomos and SMEs Civil Liability Insurance.
  • BBVA SegurPyme.
We wanted to extend a small gesture to businesses that did not record any charges on their BBVA POS terminal from April 1st through May 31st, and whose contract stipulates the payment of a certain percentage on each operation. As a result, we refunded the maintenance fee due to inactivity in April and May.

Mobile and distance

payment solutions

In the months of May and June, holders of the Negocios Account who fulfilled the conditions for being exempt from paying the maintenance fee in the months before and who can no longer meet them in the current situation will be exempt from paying the €10 fee.

The BBVA Negocios Account allows you to avoid fees; if you meet at least two of the following requirements, you can save the monthly maintenance fee of €10:

  • Social Security: you must have made three payments during the three calendar months prior to each settlement.
  • Taxes: you must have made a payment of VAT, Business Tax, IRPF (Personal Income Tax) or Corporation Tax in the three previous calendar months.
  • Employee payroll: you must have made at least two single salary payments of over €600 during the three calendar months before each settlement.

BBVA Negocios Account

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