Processing of applications for early payment of unemployment benefits

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BBVA is party to the partnership agreement signed between the Ministry of Labor, the State Public Employment Service (SEPE) and AEB involving early payment of unemployment benefits previously certified by SEPE that are pending payment.


Who can request early payment of unemployment benefits?

Customers who received an acknowledgment of unemployment benefits from SEPE, and who have this payment direct deposited into BBVA and who have not yet received the first payment.

How can you know if your benefit has been certified?

The Public Employment Service informs you of this acknowledgment by way of a text message, email or postal letter, provided that said Service has received your contact details.
Once you receive the confirmation acknowledging the benefit, you can request the advance from the bank where the benefit is direct deposited.
If you have not received this confirmation because SEPE does not have your contact details, you can request the advance, but keep in mind you that it will not be paid until SEPE informs BBVA that the benefit has been certified.

How can I request the advance?

The advance can be requested through your branch and Contact BBVA.

Documentation required

The only document required is the Tax ID number.

How is the advance paid and cancelled?

  • Advance payment
    The deposit will be made by way of a transfer, the payer will be BBVA and the comments field will indicate "ANTICIPO PRESTACIÓN DESEMPLEO"
    The deposit will be made as long as SEPE has sent BBVA information regarding your application request. Otherwise, the application will be saved and it will be verified daily until it is confirmed by SEPE.
  • Cancellation of the advance
    The advance will be cancelled through an account charge, with the remark "CANCEL. ANTICIPO DESEMPLEO”.
    The advance will be cancelled on the same day that the monthly payment from SEPE is processed, usually on the 10th of the month. It will bear the remark "ABONO DEL INEM-PAGO DE DESEMPLEO."
    This cancellation is carried out automatically and centrally.

What amount will be paid early?

The amount corresponding to the current month's payment is not included in the advance, and will be paid as part of the usual SEPE payment at the beginning of the month (paid on the 10th).
Only one advance payment request is allowed per customer until payments are received directly from SEPE.

Terms and Conditions of the advance

BBVA will credit the corresponding amount to the applicant's account with no interest or fees.

How long can advances be requested?

The agreement with the SEPE has been extended; advances may be requested until May 6, 2021.

In every case, advances will include any amounts accrued through the last day of the previous month.