Mortgage moratorium application for the tourism sector

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On July 6, Royal Decree Law 25/2020 was published, which includes a mortgage moratorium for the tourism industry.

If you are self-employed or a company, you work in the tourism industry and your business has a mortgage with BBVA, you can request a deferral of up to 9 months on the payment of the principal on the loan. During that time, you would only pay the part of the loan corresponding to the interest.

If the moratorium is approved, the mortgage period can be extended as many months as you postpone the payments. You can also keep the original period and adjust the amount of the payments to compensate for the months in which you would not make a payment. This amendment must be signed in a public deed (the notary and registry expenses are borne by the bank).



Eligibility requirements for the moratorium:

  • Be self-employed or a company with a tax and registered address in Spain.
  • Carry out the activity in Spain.
  • Have experienced a reduction in income or turnover between March and May of at least 40% on average compared to the same months in 2019.
  • Have registered the activity under one of these codes: CNAE 5510 (Hotels and similar accommodation), CNAE 5520 (tourist accommodation and other short-term accommodation) or CNAE 7911 (travel agency activities).
  • Have a mortgage associated with a property where tourism activity takes place (since before March 14, 2020).


How do I make a request?

Applications are processed at branches. The first step is to contact your adviser or your nearest branch (the number is available in the branch locator) so they can tell you the steps to take.

When is the deadline?

You were able to request it until March 30, 2021.