Support for pensioners

Moving up the Social Security pension payment and doing away with ATM fees.

In March, we contacted our pensioner customers to remind them that their pension would be deposited on time, as usual, and that they could confirm it remotely to avoid having to visit the branch. Plus, if they needed to withdraw cash on debit, they were able to do so at the closest ATM to their home from March 25 to April 5, and BBVA did not charge them an ATM fee as long as the ATM was part of a Spanish network.

In April, we moved up the Social Security pension payment to the 21st, and although health officials continued to recommend staying at home, they were able to withdraw cash on debit until the 30th at the closest ATM to their home and BBVA did not charge them an ATM fee as long as the ATM was part of a Spanish network.

In May, for the third month in a row, we also moved up the date on which the Social Security pensions of our customers were deposited.

In addition, every day the bank updates all the information on the open BBVA branches they can go to if they wish, as well as on the required safety protocols.

For BBVA, the most important thing is to ensure the health of its customers, which it will do by reminding them that there are remote channels available for making purchases or payments, and that they don't have to leave their homes except in cases of extreme need.  At difficult times such as these, BBVA wants to be there for its most senior customers. This group is the most vulnerable to the coronavirus and BBVA wants to give them a reassuring message.

To this end, BBVA has launched various communication campaigns that will be carried out through email, the app, SMS and phone calls by the advisers, who will contact each and every customer and give them the information they need so they can access their pension. The communications campaign will affect one and a half million retirees, although the message will reach more than 2.5 million customers through the app. In this way, and with other messages on digital platforms, family members will also be informed to reassure them and help them assist their elderly relatives with these tasks.

Avoid travel during the COVID-19 crisis

In its message, BBVA will advise customers to make any payments mainly using a card, or via transfer if they have a passbook. If they need cash, BBVA will give them all the information on those branches that are open and closest to their home, as well as any safety precautions that are in effect, including keeping a safe distance.

Many of the elderly are likely to be in the habit of going to the branch to withdraw cash, but the current situation has forced many of us to change our habits, given the travel restrictions imposed by the state of emergency. Having cash in hand is one of those habits that, for now, BBVA advises delaying as long as possible, for safety reasons.