Is it compulsory to set up a direct deposit for my paycheck if I open a Va Contigo Account?

Find out how to sign up to the Va Contigo Account and enjoy its benefits.

The Va Contigo Account is designed to help you manage your everyday operations. To enjoy the benefits of this fee-free account, you will have to meet at least one of these requirements:

  • Option 1: Pay by direct debit your salary (from 800€) or pension/unemployment provisions (from 300€). And if the have in another company, can bring it to BBVA of easy way and rapida thanks to the Removals service , operation from or your app. This sees to all the process for you.
  • Option 2: Have income quarterly by transfers or check deposit for a value equal to or more than 2,500€.

Example: María gets her €1,100 paycheck on April 31. On May 5, an €800 check is deposited into her account as payment for English classes she gives. On June 18, she sells her computer and receives a transfer of €650. Therefore, if we look at the month of July, Maria's Va Contigo Account has fulfilled the condition, as she received a total of €2,550 during the previous quarter.

  • Option 3: One of the account holders must be shown as the primary holder of financial products, with a total average monthly balance equal to or over €60,000. The financial products that are considered and the amount that BBVA will use at the end of each day for this calculation are:

    1. Demand account, savings account and deposit account: credit balance.

    2. Investment Funds, Pension Plans, Unit Link: net asset value.

    3. Securities accounts: cash value.

    4. - BBVA ISSPs, BBVA Europlazo, BBVA Annuities, BBVA Guaranteed Annuities, BBVA Variable Annuities, BBVA Deferred Annuities, BBVA Guaranteed Benefit Plan Annuities and BBVA Accumulated Guaranteed Benefit Plan: balance after tax withholding.

  • Option 4: Keep a minimum of 1,000 BBVA stock in a single securities account, which must be paid into the Account by direct debit.

Fulfillment of any of these conditions will give you certain benefits. Would you like more information on the Va Contigo Account and its benefits?