What does the BBVA app home screen look like?

We show you the BBVA app home screen and all your products.
Here, we explain how to view all your products and the status of your BBVA accounts and cards.

Menus and available features

The app has an attractive and intuitive design that facilitates browsing. There are three main menus or buttons to cover all the features:

  • Home screen: the first screen that appears in your app when you log in (with your username and login password).
  • Main navigation bar: it is located at the bottom and has four icons.
  • Side menu: you can access the side menu by pressing the "hamburger" icon (three horizontal lines) located at the top right of the screen.


Home screen (global position)

You can quickly access any of the most used services via the app home screen.

My month: this section displays a quick overview of your monthly income and expenses. Click on it to access the Bconomy Panel.

Accounts: this section shows all your BBVA accounts. There are three different ways to access different account details and operations: 

  • Swipe right over the account: to search for transactions or more account information.
  • Swipe left over the account: you can make a transfer or a Bizum payment, or choose another service in the drop-down menu. 

Cards: much like “Accounts”, this section shows all the information related to your BBVA credit and debit cards. By swiping over a card, you can limit your cards' features, see a statement, and several other options.

Other products: this feature of the application lets you see other financial products such as pension plans, investment and savings funds, insurance plans, etc. 

Tools: this section gives you direct access to features such as BBVA Bconomy and BBVA Baby Planner, which will help you to better manage your finances and make everyday decisions.


Main navigation bar

Located at the bottom of the screen, the navigation bar gives you access to the main areas of the application: 

  • Global position: this is your direct access to the app home screen.
  • Your everyday operations: this screen displays information that can help you to control and manage your finances and make better decisions.
  • I want to apply: we offer you personalized products, in addition to our entire product range (loans, cards, funds, etc).
  • Your inbox: here, you can view your sorted messages and notifications.
  • Your Adviser: as well as accessing your contact details, you can manage your communications easily:
    • Call my adviser: speak with your adviser quickly and directly. 
    • My conversations: with this button, you can view or respond to previous conversations, and create new ones.
    • Appointment: simply choose from an appointment in person or a telephone appointment, the reason, and your preferred date and time.


Side menu

To open the drop-down menu, click on the top right of the screen. You can access even more features in this menu, such as: 

  • Customer profile and settings view and modify your personal information (cell phone, email, password) or change the language or notification settings. 
  • Start banking: see a list of everything you can do with the app.
  • Branches and ATMs: direct access to our locator to find your nearest BBVA branch. When you search, you must indicate if you want a branch with cashier appointments and scheduled appointments. Remember that your GPS must be activated on your phone to use this service.
  • Rate your experience: help us to improve by rating our app. You can give us suggestions for improvement.