Cat insurance, everything you need to know

Protect the most curious members of your family.

Cat insurance is a policy that allows you to insure your animal against any damage it may cause to your home or to other people. It may also cover unforeseen expenses that may arise in the daily life of your pet. In this article we explain what this type of insurance consists of and how to take out a policy.

Most cat insurance plans typically cover the costs of third-party compensation, as well as all or part of their medical expenses and other aspects related to animal care. Although cats are independent animals that normally do not behave violently towards their owners or other humans, due to their particular curious nature, they can cause damage in the home or to others' property. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a backup plan to protect against public liability in the event the cat causes trouble and, at the same time, to cover expenses arising from any potential illnesses affecting the cat.

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Public liability and expenses arising from pet behavior

Although cats are not considered dangerous pets and their behavior is not usually aggressive, the curiosity and territorial nature of these pets can cause accidents. Damage to the private property of third parties can even lead to a costly legal battle. It should also be noted that cats can transmit infections to people and that these diseases can also be considered as damage to third parties. The most comprehensive insurance plans for cats include coverage for any material or personal damage that pets may cause to other people, in addition to legal expenses arising from these damages. This type of insurance also usually offers a free legal advice service for these cases.

Veterinary expenses

One of the most important factors for owners when taking out insurance is veterinary coverage. Veterinary expenses can be a significant unforeseen expense, especially when the animal needs to be hospitalized. Having a veterinary insurance that will cover all or part of these expenses is an option that gives peace of mind to owners, as it guarantees that their favorite pet can always have the best care in the event of illness.

When deciding whether to take out a veterinary insurance policy for cats, it is essential that you consider several factors. On the one hand, we must evaluate the characteristics of the animal and its physical condition (vaccines, age, diet, etc). In this regard, it should be noted that insurers usually require a prior examination of the animal and may opt to exclude all or part of its medical coverage. Consequently, the policy may not include expenses derived from pre-existing conditions prior to taking out the insurance, certain congenital diseases, or the medical expenses of older animals. It should also be taken into account that cats are not very expressive animals, and sometimes they may suffer from a silent illness for a long time. This will result in higher veterinary expenses once it is detected. In addition, there are a series of common illnesses affecting older cats that require treatment, so taking out a veterinary insurance policy when the pet is still young can be a good idea.

In general, most cat insurance policies include veterinary coverage at the clinics chosen by the insurer and all or part of the expenses related to treating the animal. Many also have a veterinary helpline that offers tips if your pet is sick and advice on animal care.

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Other aspects covered by cat insurance

In addition to the expenses arising from damage to third parties and any medical care the pet may need, many insurance policies also offer coverage for animal care expenses, such as those related to obtaining certificates in the event of loss or death, compensation for theft or accident, or financial compensation to help search for the pet when lost.

Whether you're looking to take in a newcomer to your home or to take care of a long-term companion, taking out insurance will give you peace of mind knowing you can offer your cat the best care.

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