How save with your insurance bunched

With BBVA Plan EstarSeguro groups your BBVA INSURANCE products in an only bill monthly and begins to save.

Currently is common have contracted several insurance: insurance of car, of life, of health, of the home, etc. Many individuals wonder if is better have them the insurance bunched with the same company or, on the other hand, saves more contratatándolos in an independent way with different insurers. The reality is that, in general, group these products offers the possibility of save in your insurance together with other extra advantages. 

For enjoy the discounts and advantages that offers the have the insurance bunched, the customers have to comply with different requirements taxes for the company insurer. Some of they can be the limitation of the minimum premiums of the insurance that add, a period of permanence compulsory, only be able to access the payment fractionalized through new contractings, etc. For this reason, before settle on a product of this kind, is important know what is what offers and what conditions imposes.

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In this item can know all BBVA'S advantages Plan EstarSeguro, a plan that you allows save up to 15% in the payment of your insurance of BBVA and break up the payment of the same in comfortable monthly fees.

BBVA EstarSeguro Plan

From BBVA want offer you the best possible experience, for that reason have designed Plan EstarSeguro, a plan that you allows have BBVA's insurance bunched and pay them in a monthly fee only without extra costs. The insurance that can group in this plan are: insurance of car, motorbike, life, home, accidents, payment protection, health for individuals and self-employed workers and the insurance of leave from work. Additionally is possible include more than an insurance of the same product, for example two insurance of car corresponding to two vehicles different, provided that BBVA's account holder Plan EstarSeguro is the policy holder of the contracts of the insurance.

The total annual cost of different insurance breaks up in 12 monthly payments that carry out comfortably thanks to a card virtual used only for this end and without costs of issuance nor maintenance.

The advantages of Plan EstarSeguro increase as increases the number of insurance included in the same one. Thus, have 2 insurance bunched offers a saving of 5% whereas with 10 or more can obtain a discount of 15% in your bill monthly. The calculation of the saving carries out monthly, depending on the insurance that have contracted at the time, so if this number varies at one point (for example, for the inclusion of a new insurance), also change the saving to apply in month corresponding.

Moreover, Plan EstarSeguro not comes accompanied by requirements of seniority nor permanence, so is available so much for customers current as for customers that contract new policies. Is a very flexible plan that allows include or exclude insurance at any time, and not compels to contract a number minimum or maximum of insurance, nor establishes minimum premiums for the same.

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How can see, Plan EstarSeguro is utensil for plan in a simple and comfortable way the payment of different insurance that have contracted and, moreover, save. Can contract directly from BBVA's app, or, also, obtain information in any office.
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